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Laura Ingraham Uses Benazir Bhutto's Death To Bash Left on The Factor

Reported by Deborah - December 27, 2007 -

Laura Ingraham taking Bill O'Reilly's place on The Factor tonight, found a way to bash the Left while discussing Benazir Bhutto's assassination with KT MCFarland and Peter Beinart, New Republic. It seems, even in Bill O'Reilly's absence, no show is complete without reminding viewers that America is not united despite the fact that today's events impact all of us.

KT MCFarland attended Oxford with Benazir Bhutto and told Ingraham that she was an impressive figure who was determined to fulfill her destiny in Pakistan. Ingraham hesitated slightly but asked anyway about how the events would influence the election. MCFarland stated, "We need a grownup" adding that it shouldn't be someone who needs " to get out the map" Ingraham pressed her to name the candidates that needed the map but MCFarland only said that McCain looked good.

Then Ingraham asked Beinart what he thought about those " crazy lefty blogs" adding , "You know the sources". Faulting the blogs for blaming Bush, Ingraham made it seem like Beinart would have no problem joining in the bash which didn't happen. Beinart responded with, " It's fair to say US policy in Pakistan has been a failure."

comment: O'Reilly was surely watching Ingraham with a smile of approval. One minute she praised Benazir Bhutto as an advocate for democracy and then criticized fellow Americans for practicing it here . Yes, BOR must have been pleased.