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John Gibson Pretends Gallup Poll Is Big Victory for Republicans

Reported by Deborah - December 26, 2007 -

John Gibson wants his viewers to believe that the public perception of George W Bush and the Republican Party has suddenly changed drastically. Today, 12/26, in his My Word , Gibson made a big deal about the recent Gallup Poll showing Bush as the most admired man in 2007. However, if Gibson had provided some details about this poll, his viewers would hardly have been impressed.

It seems that George W Bush received 10% followed very closely by three Democrats. Bill Clinton got 8% , Al Gore 6% and Barack Obama 5%. According to an article by Gallup, the current president has taken the honor every year since 1981.

Gibson also didn't mention that Hillary Clinton was the most admired woman in 2007 followed closely by Oprah Winfrey who is actively campaigning for Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.
Condi Rice and Laura Bush got single digit approval but their numbers can't be considered brag worthy.

Gibson's suggestion that the Republicans are suddenly admired by American voters and therefore headed for a win in 2008 is just wishful thinking and certainly not proven by this Gallup Poll.

My Word Transcript