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Fox - Nice and Easy On The Republicans, The Democrats? Go In For The Kill

Reported by Donna - December 26, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had Trace Gallager filling in and he said that Mike Huckabee looked like the frontrunner he was. (He was wearing his hunting clothes but unlike John Kerry got praised or looking like a frontruner)

Galagher said that Huckabee was doing some pheasant hunting to bond with the Iowa voters. Gallagher said that according to Real Poll Politics it looks like it's working (Comment: I have to laugh because how they were all over Kerry four years ago for doing the same thing) they have Huckabee and Romney at the top of the poll. In the national polls Giuliani was on top with 21% with Huckabee, McCain and Romney following close behind.

Gallagher went to Carl Cameron to see if Huckabee can win after Iowa. Cameron started talking about Huckabee and how he wore his orange over his camouflage, as all good hunters do, bagged a pheasant, hoisted it up and said, "See this, this is what happens when people get in my way." (Comment: What? He shoots them and hoists them up?)

They didn't show that nationally, Senator Clinton is beating the pants off of all of them.

They showed a clip of Huckabee before he went hunting that when you're doing well you're going to get criticism. Huckabeeb added that, " there was an old airforce saying that if you're not taking flak you're not over the target, apparently we're over the target." Cameron said the question was actually what was he going to do after Iowa. The answer was that he was headed to Florida to raise money there for the upcoming caucus there.. According to Huckabees campaign they had some steep battles coming with New Hampshire and afterwards.

They started talking about New Hampshire and said that Huckabee had some steep hills to climb with Romney and McCain. The New Hampshire Leader newspaper, the largest newspaper in New Hampshire has come out for McCain, Cameron added that in the paper's fifty some year old history not only has it shown that it helps the one they endorse but it hurts their opponents. Cameron said that today they slammed Mitt Romney, talking about his mistatements and that he'd only been hunting twice. (Comment: Excuse me, but a man doesn't have to be a hunter to be president) Cameron said that if Romney wins Iowa or comes in second in Iowa, he goes into New Hampshire which is a next door state (when he served) where he's been leading or coming close to leading. However, Cameron said, if Huckabee wins Iowa and it seems likely, Romney's going to have a hard time because McCain has been surging there. He added that after this it would leave McCain and Huckabee trying to beat it out as a war time president. (Comment: Give me a break, war time only because of Bush)

Gallagher then said on the Democratic side Billery (Comment: Don't you love the cutsey, demeaning nicknames Fox gives the Democrats? are hitting the trail in Iowa and people are questioning how much on job training she really got. (Comment: See, all la-di-da for the Republicans, but Fox comes in with demeaning nicknames and attacking right from the start.

Gallagher came back from the break by saying Bill and Hill (Comment: More cutsey, demeaning nicknames) were wooing voters in Iowa, just days before the Iowa Caucus. Gallagher said they were campaigning with fomer Iowa Governor John Vilsack. They showed the Iowa Democratic Caucus poll with Clinton on top with 29.2%, Obama with 27.3%, Edwards with 23.5%, Richardson with 6.4% and Biden with 5.0%. Gallager said that Hillary only had a 2% lead. (Comment: See how they word things when they're talking about Democrats)

Gallagher went to Princella Smith from the Independent Women's Forum on the Republican side and Jane Fleming, of the Young Democrats of America, on the Democratic side. Gallagher asked Smith if 8 years as first lady really qualify you for president. (Comment: Seems he looked over her experience in her 2nd term in the Senate and her positions on powerful committees.)

Smith said that's the key here so she was an advisor to President and does an advisor qualify you for president. (Comment: Again, overlooking a powerful 2nd term Senator who sits on powerfull committees) She added that it has people questioning why was she in a statistical tie with a man who is in his first term as Senate and one who didn't have a full term. She said this is what the American public is struggling with. (Comment: I sincerely doubt that - I think they're struggling with the war, jobs, the economy, the environment,etc.) Gallagher looked disgusted and said she was touting experience (and he was shaking his head back and forth).

Jane Fleming said she "absolutely disagreed" with Smith but before she could say anything, Gallagher wanted to 'read' her something which was a quote from Hillary, he said Hillary said, "No one brings the mix of qualifications and experience, the vision and plan that I do with a proven tested record of being able to do to prove results." Gallagher asked Fleming, "What plan?"

Fleming said that no one doubts that Hillary has the experience, be it Democrat, Republican or Independent they all agree she has the experience. Fleming said poll after poll said that. Gallagher started arguing and overtalking her saying the question was about the plan. Finally after he stopped overtalking her, Fleming said that Hillary does have a plan. And Fleming said the thing Hillary has to look to Iowans for in this last week was if she had the heart. Iowans don't always care about experience, they care about your heart.

Gallagher told Smith that Fleming brought up a good point. Gallagher continued that as far as experience, Iowans think she has it, then he brought out a Republican talking point where he said when it comes to trustworthiness she (he made his hand like an airplane and started at the top and did a nosedive and made a buzzing noise) (My, they are so professional on Fox) So maybe she should be saying 'trust me.'

Fleming said she had done that this week.

Smith said that Bill Clinton said you get this two for one deal. (Comment: Maybe he said it, she didn't say where she got it from) She said people are having nostalgiia for the Clinton years. Gallagher said, "Exactly." Without Bill Clinton, Smith said she is a one term junior senator from New York. Hillary is in the middle of her second term.

Gallaher says Hillary keeps saying vision and plan, vision and plan but doesn't say what they are.

Fleming finally said let me talk about this (they wouldn't give her a chance to talk, she had to interupt) - she said she is with the Young Voters Pac not the Young Democrats of America (uh-oh, another mistake by Gallagher, good research team) and they were getting gas money and hotel rooms together and young people, women and men, hunters are going to come out, it's a very different Iowa now.

Comments: Time after time on this segment it was 2 against 1. Republicans against a single Democrat. Gallagher constantly interuupted the Democratic candidate and egged the Republican strategist on. This was a classic case of unfair and unbalanced. And I'm ashamed of Gallagher. He didn't act like a journalist at all, he acted like a Republican pundit.

Good for Fleming for going on the show and showing them what fools they were.