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Fox & Friends Get The Experts In For The Caucuses & Kilmeade Gets His Usual Hillary Diss In

Reported by Donna - December 26, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they brought Deocratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh , and Republican strategist, Pat Campbell, who is also a Conservative Radio Host, to let us know who's going to win the Iowa and New Hampshire contacts.

On the Iowa barometer they had Huckagee at 23%, Romney at 21%, McCain at 17%, Giuliani at 14%, Paul at 10% and at undecided 8%. This was from an American Research Group Poll of 700 likely Republican caucus-goers with a plus or minues 4%.

The banner read - IOWA BAROMETER Does It Matter Who Wins?

Kilmeade said that McCain had Romney feeling the heat over in New Hampshire but was it still Huckabee for Iowa? Campbell said that it was the battle of who's the better Christian right now, Huckabee or Romney.IComments: Isn't it something that religion works its way into a political discussion?) Campbell said that Huckabee was coming on like gangbusters. Campbell added that Huckabee has taken the title GOP rebel from Ron Paul. He said that Huckabee is talking about the 'fair tax' which has given him a surge in the polls.

Camarota said to Marsh that the Iowa pundits seemed to be a wide open field and asked her what she thought was suprising. Marsh said that Edwards really has the momentum going on the ground there. She added that New Hamshire really determines the the nominee for the Democrats, so you have to look at Iowa and say how can this (Iowa) help them win New Hampshire. She added that it was 3 diferent scenerios for the 3 candidates.but if you talk to people on the ground Edwards had the momentum in Iowa.

The banner read, Clinton 34%, Edwards 20% and Obama 19%, same as the other poll except 700 likely Democratic caucus goers were asked instead of Republicans. It also had the same margin of error. Marsh said if you looked at that poll Edwards really had the momentum on the ground.

Kilmeade said to look at the poll and the way the Clintons do it, Kilmeade they low boy it) - so if Hillary wins it the Clintons will make it an incredible victory. (Comment: Nice diss by Kilmeade, but he always getsat least one in on Hillary)

Marsh said that all of the polls in Iowa show Barack and Hillary in dead heat here. (Comment: Excuse me, didn't he just watch this poll that they just had up that had Hillary leading by Obama by 15 points? Campbell said not to be surprised to see Barack to pull out a win here. Campbell said that Barack has something that Hillary doesn't. And he calls it the 'L' factor, the likability factor The other guy to watch in Iowa is Edwards, he appeals to the low and middle class of which he never belonged (Comment; Outright lie). Campbell even said that Edwards was like a sleeper cell element.(Comment: Do they think these subtle disses work? Maybe with their faithul) Campbell said he (Edwards) was using Ross Perot tactics like he did when he was running. Campbell said the talk was very appealing to middle class voters and he needed to be watched.

Camerota asked Marsh if two candidates in Iowa, Barack Obama and Fred Thompson show badly , does he go away? (Comment: I assume she's talking about Fred Thompson) Marsh said that she thinks that Fred Thompson already went away. Campbell agreed. Marshall did think that Barack Obama needed to win Iowa to have a chance at New Hampshire. He's about 3 - 6 points behind Hillary in New Hampshire, Marsh said that Hillary could survive a second place win in Iowa (especiall to Edwards) but Barack Obama really needs to win Iowa because he is close in New Hampshire. But for Edwards, he really needs to win Iowa (overtalk) because he is so behind in New Hamptshire.

Comments: You notice (except for Fred Thompson, that Kilmeade still had to come down on Hillary. It's getting commonplace on Fox and Friends. Seems to me the Republicans don't know who they want while the Democrats at least have it down to three candidate.\\

And where was the discussion on Giulani? Has he fizzled, too?

Not too much time (next week) for the first contest, so I guess we'll see if the experts are right on this.