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Bill O'Reilly Congratulates Himself for 2007

Reported by Deborah - December 26, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly claims he's a " lucky guy" because things have gone so well for him in 2007. His Talking Points, 12/20. focused on telling " the folks" all about his great achievements this year making sure to note that he is the grand crusader for good.

"So I am one lucky guy, ladies and gentlemen. And I owe a lot of it to my staff and to you who support us. Now the reason things continue to go so well is that we're not just a TV news program. We're on a mission to help the good guys and take down the bad guys."


Unfortunately, O'Reilly is the all powerful judge and executioner deciding who deserves to be taken down. He made sure to thank his faithful foot soldiers who are only too happy to help him carry out his "mission" doing whatever they can to " take down" O'Reilly's "bad guys".

"Now whenever you make judgments about good and evil, you become a target as I am. But the snipers are losing, we are winning. And that is directly because of you. So thank you, very much."

It's doubtful that the administrators at Boulder High School are thanking Bill's fans for all the threatening e-mails and phone calls they received after Judge O'Reilly declared them "bad guys". Dr. Helayne Jones who was followed into her garage and almost through the door of her house by O'Reilly's so called "ambush journalists" was clearly distressed by the hate spewed at her as a result of O'Reilly's campaign.

After his mighty campaign against Mark Cuban who he declared " evil", the faithful folks completely disabled a phone line used for a charity for our troops. Here's Cuban's comment from his blog.

"In response to Mr OReilly's comments that "he is going to be my worst nightmare". Well you have succeeded Mr OReilly. The people who take you literally took it upon themselves to call my businesses with bomb threats, threaten employees, myself and others with physical harm and wish every manor of death , injury and illness on us all. They also managed to fill up the telephone lines of the Fallen Patriot Fund so that we couldn't conduct business, and maybe its coincidence, but the fund's website went offline for the first time ever yesterday."

Comment: These are only two examples of the damage caused by Bill O'Reilly's egotistical and irresponsible behavior. He should be ashamed of himself but he's actually proud.