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Another Christmas Miracle On Fox and Friends

Reported by Donna - December 26, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had a banner at the bottom that said, 'CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, Dead Man Sends Cards To Friends.

It seems that this man Chet, died in October yet 34 of his friends received Christmark and the return address read 'Heaven.'

This was enough for a Christmas Miracle for the Fox and Friends cres. Camerota said that Chet was a prankster and said inside the card he went to the big guy and asked if he could send out some Christmas Cards. Chet said the big guy at first said no, but then relented. Chet said he wished he could explain about how things are there but it was hard to explain how things were so wonderful.

The real story? Chet had gotten together with his hairdresser of many years and worked out this scheme. He updated the Christmas list and and gave his hairdresser the money and he would sign the card.

Comments: Harmless prank, but the Fox and Friends crew made a big deal out of it being a 'Christmas Miracle' so that people whould stay tuned to see what this Christmas mircle was. Instead they tried to frame it in a way that a true Christmas Miracle had happend.

News - not real news on Fox and Friends. Something you might read in the odd section on Yahoo might be where this story belongs.