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Trace Gallager Bashes Hillary On Studio B

Reported by Donna - December 24, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith, they talked about John McCain running eye to eye with Mitt Romney. They said it might be a case of electability or trustworthiness.

Gallagher said this was fair and balanced (Do they read News Hounds because I have been reporting on how unfair and unbalanced they've been?) so they would come back with the Democrats next, Gallagher said that Hillary Clinton better watch her back (Oh, that's scary)

Gallagher said in New Hampshire that Obama was pretty much neck in neck with Clinton. Obama with 30%, Clinton with 28% and Edwards with 14%. Gallagher said Clitnon leads on experience and leadership, but when it comes to trustworthiness, Obama is the one. They talked about the baggage Hillary had from the first Clinton admistration (Comment; She was 1st Lady - what baggage?

Gallagher said, "How about the big L word? How about the big L word, do we just not like her?"
Oh, Gallagher, he can't help but put those digs in.

They went on about her not being cuddly and people want to vote for people they can have a beer or barbecue with the Republican strategist said. The Democrqtic strategist said that's what they got with Bush.

Comments: I monitor Studio B and some of Fox and Friends and for the past few weeks it's been bash Hillary at any cost. The bashing contnues. They still weren't fair and balanced - they didn't diss the Republicans, just the Democrats. I also found it funny that the Republcan strategist kept saying they wanted to have someone who they could have a beer with and the Democratic strategist didn't pick up that Bush was a drunk until he was 40. Ho-ho-ho.