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FOX News Takes An Uncritical Look At Saudi Arabia

Reported by Ellen - December 24, 2007 -

GUEST BLOGGED by Ana Coachella

The same outfit that brought us Happy Iraq is now bringing us Happy Saudi Arabia. On Special Report tonight (12/24/07), reporter Amy Kellogg kicked off the first of a five part series on their lifestyles, politics, and society. It began with a fluff piece on young love in the kingdom, “how young people in Saudi Arabia, given their strict religious and social rules, check out each other” and ended with men cruising for women in their cars, using "blue tooth" to "help track the prey." She went on to state that interaction between unrelated men and women in the kingdom is illegal under Sharia law, enforced by Saudi religious police and “punishable by lashes, if not more.” With video.

This segment came across as very tender towards our "friends" the Saudis, and failed to apply any contextual disdain for the apparent misogyny towards women in the kingdom or how they were portrayed in the piece as "prey.”