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Why Isn't Cavuto Screaming About Mike Huckabee Committing Treason?

Reported by Melanie - December 21, 2007 -

Last weekend, the January/February 2008 issue of Foreign Policy magazine came out. In it, Mike Huckabee wrote that the Bush administration's, "arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad. American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out."

What?! A presidential candidate criticizes our commander in chief during a time of war! That's treason isn't it?

Apparently not -- when a Republican does it. Despite the fact that Condoleezza Rice "slammed" Huckabee over his remarks today (December 21, 2007), I didn't hear any treason-talk on Cavuto. As a matter of fact, I didn't hear anything about this at all, all week.

Surprise, surprise, I say sarcastically.