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What Was Hillary Clinton Thinking When She Took Money from Rupert Murdoch?

Reported by Melanie - December 21, 2007 -

That Hillary Clinton took money from Rupert Murdoch is something I'll never forgive or forget. In my book, there are certain things you just don't do, and taking money from Rupert Murdoch is one of them. I wonder what she thought she would get out of the deal? Favorable coverage? "Fair and balanced" coverage? Think again Hillary. If what Fox's Neil Cavuto has been doing is any indication, you made a deal with the devil.

Let's use the last two weeks as an example and examine the coverage Cavuto has given to the campaign as a whole. The Clinton segments are in bold. Notice the tone of the Clinton segments versus the others.

December 11 -

-- A segment pointing out that Clinton was campaigning with a "pro-sanctuary city mayor." Here's the post I did on it.

-- A PR expert was on to talk about what Mike Huckabee can learn from the recent attacks on him, or, how do you deal with suddenly "becoming the 'it' person?"

December 12 -

-- It is the day of the last Republican debate in Iowa. Mike Huckabee opens the show with a 10 minute, uninterrupted interview. Here's video.

-- Brit Hume follows Huckabee. He is on to talk about how bad the debate moderator was.

-- A segment discussing an unnamed "report" that said, "As Hillary Clinton slides in polls, Bill Clinton steps in."

December 13 -

-- The day of the last Democratic debate in Iowa. Cavuto didn't mention it or any of the Democratic candidates.

December 14 --

-- A report by Fox's Major Garrett about "Hillary Clinton Denying her campaign is in trouble," and about her "likeability deficit."

-- A Fox News Alert -- "New poll shows Obama leading Clinton by 9 points in Iowa."

-- A segment asking whether Oprah "hurt herself by campaigning for Obama."

December 17 -

-- A segment about the Clinton campaign launching a new "push to show her likeability." Ann Coulter, an authority on likeability, was Cavuto's guest.

-- Cavuto reinforces the likeability issue at the end of the show in his "Common Sense" segment, titled, "The Value of Being Likeable."

December 18 -

-- A segment asking whether Clinton is trying to "out-Oprah Oprah" by letting Magic Johnson campaign with her.

-- A segment discussing Mike Huckabee's "floating cross ad," and asking whether we should, "leave religion out of the campaign."

-- A discussion about Rudy Giuliani cutting back on "expensive" ads in New Hampshire and wondering whether it's a "winning move."

-- Tom Tancredo is Cavuto's guest. He "blasts Grinches" for keeping border agents in jail.

December 20 -

-- Dick Morris appears to talk about Hillary's "anti-Obama websites" and Bill campaigning for her.

-- Tom Tancredo appears by phone to talk about his decision to drop out of the race.

-- Jehmu Greene, a Democratic strategist is on to discuss "Hillary Clinton's Christmas wish list," and whether it's a "huge tax hike for America."

And, last but not least, today, December 21:

-- A segment surmising that Bill and Hill are fighting about Bill's participation in her campaign because they are campaigning in different locations. The chyron read: "Last Minute Switch by Clinton Camp: What's Really Behind it?"

Comment: Hillary Clinton is a fool but I imagine Rupert Murdoch laughing all the way to the bank. His ass is covered if she wins and if she doesn't, hey, so what.