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FOX News - holier than thou?

Reported by Chrish - December 21, 2007 -

Yesterday 12/20 during the FOX and Friends program I noted at least five uses of the word "miracle" in relating the story of the family recovered from the mountains of California, several times referred to as a "Christmas miracle." The term was sprinkled liberally throughout the day in other programs' reporting.

Also yesterday on FOX and Friends, promotions appeared for Chris Wallace and FOX News Sunday, where he'll host mega-church leader Joel Olsteen to discuss how religion is influencing the 2008 presidential race.

Promotion was also shown for a Christmas Eve program, hosted by Lauren Green and featuring Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life" (keywords on Amazon: Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus) and pastor of another mega-church in California. You may recall, last year FOX aired Christmas Day services from Sadlleback Church five times.

A segment was devoted to the religion-flavored political ads that have been instigated by conservative and most-Christian Republican candidate Mike Huckabee's floating crucifix ad and viewers were encouraged to email in their favorite (even in this meaningless gesture the Friends couldn't resist labeling Hillary Clinton's ad "a little strange.")

Today's word was "heartwarming," applied to three different stories. The religious bent continued, with more promos for the upcoming Olsteen, Warren, and Hannity religion shows.

Further, John McCain's right-back-atcha answer ad was shown in part, where he reminds viewers that he was a prisoner of war and only faith can get you through something like that - a cross is drawn in wet sand, presumably by McCain himself.

'Tis the season to exploit religion and pander to Christians, and FOX is setting itself squarely as the biggest competitor to the Christian Broadcasting Network. Now that Rupert Murdoch has acquired Beliefnet.com we'll probably see more references to it, driving traffic (and the almighty $$) and furthering FOX's reputation as the network for the religious right.

Happy Holidays? Bah, humbug! Merry Christmas, dammit!