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Bill O'Reilly credited with USO tours in Afghanistan and Iraq

Reported by Chrish - December 21, 2007 -

During the headlines at the top of the 7:00 hour (ET) on FOX and Friends this morning 12/21/07, newsreader Alisyn Camerota told of a USO tour in Kabul, Afghanistan, featuring Robin Williams, Kid Rock, Lance Armstrong, Lewis Black, and Miss USA Rachel Smith. The tour kicked off in Iraq, we were told.

Brian Kilmeade interjected that "Bill O'Reilly was just saying we gotta start getting the USO over there in Afghanistan, they need entertainment. It's the best roster I've seen!" , and Camerota replied "They listened. They heeded the call."

Oh for Pete's sake. This is silly propping up of Papa Bear by his adoring FFFan club. As Deborah posted November 26th, less than four weeks ago,

[USO President Edmund ] "Powell explained that the USO sends tours all over the world and did 700 this year. He noted that they are told by the military where to go and they can not request a location especially since they depend on the military to provide security and lifts."

O'Reilly at that time assured viewers and Powell that he would take care of the DoD end. Are we really to believe that he can pull strings and make an operation like this happen in 25 days or less? Did the entertainers all drop everything once they heard O'Reilly ordered it? Puh-leeze. Only the deluded FOX fans could even entertain such a fantastic idea.