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Neil Cavuto and Dick Morris Make Predictions as to Early Primary Results

Reported by Melanie - December 20, 2007 -

Professional Clinton basher Dick Morris was on Your World again today (December 20, 2007) to essentially repeat what he said when he was on two weeks ago. At the end of the segment, he and Cavuto had fun making predictions as to the outcome of the early primaries. Given that talking heads like Cavuto and Morris have been wrong on so much over the last four or five years, I thought I'd make a note of what they said so we can check back later to see how they did.

Morris said Clinton will "lose the early primaries" and, "the spotlight will shift to Obama." He said, "It will bring with it a lot of negatives. And then you'll have a fiercely competitive race on Super Tuesday." (Two weeks ago Morris predicted that Clinton would intentionally lose Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina).

Morris said that if Obama finishes "well ahead" of Edwards in Iowa, "Edwards is sidetracked and at that point the anti-Hillary vote coalesces around Obama."

Cavuto wondered, "Real quick, what if Edwards wins Iowa."

Morris said he didn't think he would because "he's pretty far down," but, "on the Republican side, you have Huckabee winning Iowa. You have Romney winning New Hampshire and the two of them fighting it out for the religious right in Michigan. In the meantime, Giuliani and McCain have their own sub-primary going on and all four of them might make it to Super Tuesday."

Cavuto said he would bet Morris a "double quarter cheeseburger on this, that Edwards will win in Iowa."

Comment: Seems to me that the Republicans are in much more disarray than the Democrats, yet Morris predicts relatively smooth sailing for their top tier. Natch. This is Fox after all.