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Huckabee Gets The Hillary Treatment From Coulter On Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - December 20, 2007 -

If I were Mike Huckabee, I’d wear Ann Coulter’s criticisms of his Christianity as a badge of honor. “Boombox” Coulter appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/19/07) in another deliberate attempt by FOX News to smear the candidate, this time by accusing him of not being a true evangelical. While the show has taken no hard look at the controversies surrounding Rudy Giuliani (his appointment of the criminal Bernard Kerik as police commissioner, his failure to attend Iraq Study Group meetings, the mistress shag fund, to name just a few), and even protected him from any tough questions from liberal Alan Colmes during a recent interview, this was at least the second segment deliberately critical of Huckabee without any guests supporting him. With video.

The Hannity & Colmes website foreshadowed the tone of the discussion when it bragged that Coulter would “take on” Huckabee, as though they were sparring partners, and positioned his name over Hillary’s in the promo for the show.


In his scripted introduction, Colmes didn’t even mention Clinton. Instead, he highlighted one of Coulter’s criticisms of Huckabee by quoting, “Liberals love Huckabee because he fits their warped image of what an evangelical candidate should be, stupid and easily led.”

“Boombox” Coulter was coherent last night, if more than a tad (unnaturally?) hyper. Her hair was an intriguing shade of orangey yellow, her eye makeup a theatrical blend of vaudeville colors, and with her tight sweater topped by an ostentatious cross she made quite the picture of a mature Christian, especially while she made goo-goo eyes at the very-married Colmes (at 1:26 in the video, you may have to put it on full screen). From the moment she squealed “Hel-lo” at Colmes until Hannity interrupted her overly animated, hair-tossing debate, she insisted that Huckabee was not a true evangelical, just “the evangelical image of the left.”

It must be the left's fault that Huckabee's doing so well in the Republican primary polls, and the reason her candidate, Duncan Hunter, isn’t, eh?