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Hannity’s “Greatest American,” Bill Cunningham, Channels Joseph McCarthy Over Time Magazine Naming Putin As Person of The Year

Reported by Ellen - December 20, 2007 -

Loud-mouthed demagogue Bill Cunningham was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/19/07), ready to accuse liberals in general and Alan Colmes in particular of ruining the world. Previously, he has claimed that Colmes, along with Rosie O’Donnell and Nancy Pelosi, would be responsible for the next attack on America and blamed Democrats for the Iranian seizure of 15 British sailors and marines last spring. Last night, Cunningham was in a screaming lather over the naming of Vladimir Putin as Time’s Person of the Year and, naturally, accused Colmes and liberals of being the communists who made it happen. Sean Hannity approvingly called Cunningham, “The greatest American of all.” With video.

“I guess Alan Colmes had the only vote here,” Cunningham shouted. “Look at Alan Colmes and those of his liberal persuasion. They would give us increased welfare, they’d give us abortion on demand, they would allow the killing of Russian dissidents in London. This is a terrible thing for the American people, Sean Hannity. I think I see a hammer and sickle floating behind Alan Colmes’ head right now.”

“Patriotic” Hannity had no objection to his guest speaking that way to and about his co-host.

The other guest was News Hounds top dog Roy Sekoff of the Huffington Post. Sekoff did a fine job again, though I wish he had confronted Cunningham on his McCarthyesque tactics which are the theme and subtext of nearly every discussion on Hannity & Colmes. But Sekoff made the excellent point that making Putin the Person of the Year rightly put the spotlight on him as a world player whose importance might otherwise be overlooked.

Colmes added that Time’s Person of the Year is not about greatness but about “impact on the world” and that Russia is a country we need to watch. But for some reason, Colmes chose not to challenge Cunningham on his vile character assassination and un-American attacks on his countrymen. Colmes seemed to think that there was no need. I think that was a serious mistake that went against the grain of the old political adage that an accusation un-denied is deemed to be admitted.

“Alan Colmes, let me help you with the facts,” Cunningham raged on. “David Petraeus has had the most impact on the world, not a Russian murderer named Vladimir Putin… You voted for him! You voted for him! …Time Magazine has done what CBS has done, make a million dollars in kind contribution to left-wing, far-wing liberals such as yourself, such as yourself, Alan.”