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Fox Goes Negative On The Clintons & Obama While Worrying Excessively About Giuliani

Reported by Donna - December 20, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith, he said that on the Democratic side (which was better than Monday when he said on the 'Dems' side) that Barack Obama was on the defensive about his voting record when he was in the State Senate.

But don't worry, a Hillary diss is coming, too.

Gallagher showed the New Hampshire Democratic Primary Poll numbers (Rasmussens Poll 12/19) which had a + or - of 3% and had Hillary at the top with 31%, Obama with 28% and Edwards with 18%.

Gallagher went to Major Garrett about the numbers in New Hampshire, about the polls showing practically a dead heat. Garrett said he was going from an Obama event to a Bill Clinton event. (Was this a mistake or was Garret really going to a Bill Clinton event instead of a Hillary Clinton event? Could be he was going to a Bill Clinton event since Bill is campaigning for Hillary in New Hampshire)

The banner read 'Polls Show Obama Gaining Ground In New Hampshire'

Garrett said that Obama really needed New Hampshire to go like the Iowa primary, to challenge Hillary on everything and challenge her on every response, to every negative comment that's coming from the Hillary Campaign. (Diss) Garrett says he's doing this is some polls but other polls, like Fox's own had Hillary with a 9 - 12 point lead. Garrett said it was a very fluid race and a lot would depend on what happens in Iowa, 5 days before New Hampshire.

Gallagher said there was a controversy about Obama and what did he know about that. It seems out of around 4000 votes when he was in the State Senate he had voted present, not no or yes. about 130 times. Hillary's campaign is saying how can you be corageous if you don't make a stand 130 times? Obama reaction? That there were about 4000 votes and a lot of time it was strategic to vote present on some of the issues and worked to create a solution later, such as the death penallty in Illinois.

Gallagher said we know that Bill Clinton is campaigning for his wife in New Hampshire but he's causing a headache for her that had to do with campaign fundraising. (Another Diss) Garrett replied that since Bill left the White House he's raised money for his foundation for activism around the world, including Global Warming and his library and a lot of those same people were giving to Hillary's campaign . 500 million was raised by the foundation. Garrett said there was nothing wrong with that but no one can find out who contributed to Bill's foundation because the legal requirements were not there. Bill Clinton said he would disclose them after Hillary is elected president. Garrett said he spoke to campaign people who said the transparancy should be there.

Comments: Again, negativity towards both Obama and Hillary Clinton. It's almost as if Fox is trying to put a wedge through these two candidates. All the coverage on Democrats is negative, and Fox went to King Rudy over eleven times and never said anything negative about the Republican campaign.

Just the usual unfair and unbalanced from Fox.