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FOX and Friends smear Hillary Clinton with blood

Reported by Chrish - December 20, 2007 -

Since they've got nothing new on her today, the Friends this morning 12/20/07 used a "story" about the Democratic frontrunner's brother to besmirch her. Unfortunately for the trio, even though the chyron presented the correct brother (Anthony) they repeatedly tagged Hillary's other brother, Hugh, as the "deadbeat dad." Hugh, an attorney, might not be amused to be defamed on national television by propagandists hoping to damage his sister's White House run by impugning the family name.

The non-story of Tony Rodham's failure to pay alimony and child support was used to dredge up references to Bill Clinton's controversial pardons of "two embezzlers" in 2000, and the brother's role in working towards those pardons. Aside from having salient facts wrong, the segment's only value to FOX and viewers was to further blacken Clinton's reputation with guilt by association.

Kilmeade: "Let's talk about a guy we that have not heard from since maybe 'Pardongate.' Hugh Rodham, back in the news? And it's not good news for Senator Hillary Clinton. The brother of Hillary is in a lot of trouble."

Carlson: "When it comes to paying his former wife child support and alimony, apparently Hugh Rodham is in arrears... He's being called that terrible phrase, a deadbeat dad, and I hate to use it but apparently it's true in this case." (As Doocy chimed in off-camera "Well he is!"

Video was running during this of Hugh Rodham.


Doocy, saying "these situations are always tragic," detailed that the former wife in question is Nicole Boxer, daughter of US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and that questions were referred to a lawyer, who asked that the private matter be respected as such, and allegedly said that 'Mr. Rodham will pay her...eventually." Interestingly, the photo running at this time was a wedding photo of Nicole and Tony, who looks nothing like his older brother.


Also of interest in this segment was that Carlson reported the alleged arrears figures $75,000 and $58,000 for alimony and child support, yet Brian Kilmeade mentioned that people go to jail for a lot less than $158,000, which he was apparently reading off a laptop or prompter. The $158,000 figure was splashed across the chyron for much of the segment,

"Hill's brother a deadbeat?
Anthony Rodham owes $158,000."

Kilmeade continued that "...he got beat up at the family cottage by a man who said he had relations with his wife." This tidbit is on Tony's Wikipedia page, not Hugh's, and alleges it was the man's girlfriend and that both received injuries. More misrepresentation, taking an ugly story and elaborating to make it even worse.

Kilmeade continues that "he's the same Hugh Rodham who asked Bill Clinton to pardon two embezzlers. That got him in a lot of trouble as he left the White House."

It's bad enough that FOX is dredging up personal financial stories about her brothers to smear Hillary Clinton, but such sloppy reporting, interchanging the two men as if it doesn't matter just so long as they get the negative story out to their viewers, shows what an anti-Hillary propaganda piece this was - meaningless, unimportant gossip meant to harm the Democratic front-runner.

No correction was made during the rest of the two-hour program - par for the course.