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Bill O'Reilly Still Griping About Christmas Lights and Al Gore

Reported by Deborah - December 20, 2007 -

Al Gore was not named TIME Person of the Year but that hasn't stopped Bill O'Reilly from talking about him since the announcement on Wednesday. According to Bill, TIME was afraid choosing Gore would cost them too many subscriptions so they decided on Putin instead. Also, in his weekly column, "Can Al Gore Save Christmas?" BOR is still holding Al Gore responsible for the Christmas lights curfew in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Last night, 12/19/07, in his talking points, O'Reilly criticized TIME's choice of Vladmir Putin instead of General Petraeus and slipped in this jab of Gore which he softened with a very small compliment but of course no mention of the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Selecting Gore as "person of the year" would have meant some subscription cancellations in the political correctness of it all was even too much for Time. Mr. Gore's a polarizing figure, unfairly in some cases. He's done some very good work bringing the environment into focus.
But his blaming the USA mantra is tiresome and inaccurate. The entire world is to blame for pollution and irresponsible environmental behavior."

O'Reilly insists that the selectman in Great Barrington are not environmentally motivated and just want to diminish Christmas by asking people to turn their lights off after the shops close at 10PM. Here's what he says is going on in the town.

Swell. Since a cow belching does more damage to the environment than a string of Christmas lights (sorry, holiday lights), it is inconceivable that these loons are trotting a "carbon footprint" argument to help the environment. The real strategy here is to diminish the public display of Christmas in that secular town."

Here's what actually happened when the town selectman made the decision from an article in the Berkshire Eagle

"Dlugosz and fellow Selectmen Peter Fish and Alan Inglis all noted that, in this era of conservation and with the town trying to be more ecologically friendly, the concept of stringing electric lights across the streets for six or seven weeks during the holiday season appeared to go against that idea.
The town, said Dlugosz, supports green initiatives and conservation. Leaving electric lights on at night is not necessarily in line with that, he said."

O'Reilly distorts a simple decision to turn the lights off overnight into this grand plot to attack Christianity.

"And every year we now have to hear whining from dolts who are offended not only by a baby laying in a manager, but also by images of decorated trees and a jolly old man in a beard. Call me a theocrat, but I have had enough of this politically correct bilge."

Then O'Reilly lays it on Al Gore. Sure, his tone is light hearted and it would be nice to think he was kidding but the blame was still placed on Al Gore for daring to make people listen and take action to fight climate change. Notice the jab he takes at Cheney to make himself appear non political.

"So Al Gore must get involved. Since he has been driving this global warming stuff, he now has an obligation to calm the citizenry down. Dick Cheney can't do it; he's off shooting animals. And President Bush holds no sway among the far-left loons in Great Barrington."
No, it must be Gore. He's the only one who can save Christmas in the Berkshires. Shine a light on this insanity, Al. Tell them the inconvenient truth."

comment: Here's some inconvenient truth for Bill O'Reilly. If we all did lots of small things like limiting our Christmas lights or unplugging our phone chargers without complaining ,we might solve this problem together. In fact, the spirit of Christmas is reflected in small towns like Great Barrington taking responsibility together to solve a crisis endangering the world. O'Reilly needs to get his priorities straight and start thinking like a decent American and a true Christian.