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Turkey Invades Iraq

Reported by Donna - December 19, 2007 -

Today on Fox & Friends they had a segment on Turkey invading the Kurds in Iraq. Of course Fox and Friends brought out their favorite 'gung ho, let's go to war' Retired Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, who is also a military expert for Fox News.

As usual he knew more of what was happening in Iraq than the United States Military.

Cowan told Fox & Frieds that he thought the attack was nothing serious, they were just taking care of their own business. The Fox and Friends crew were insistant -- why didn't the Turks tell the United States, why didn't they tell us, they're supposed to be our allies.

Cowan said that it was alright, that Turkey had told our Americans over there and it takes a little while for the information to get here.

Comment: Wow, Lt Col Bill Cowan (Ret) knew more than our own active military who had stated that Turkey hadn't informed the Americans.

On another thought --- isn't it wonderful how peace is comig to the middle east? And our allies don't even tell us about action they're going to take?