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Trace Gallagher From Fox Has Twisted Tongue. And Jamie Lynn Spears Is Pregnant at 16

Reported by Donna - December 19, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had Trace Gallagher filling in for Smith and he had a couple of tongue twisting moments. They also did a breaking news story on Briitany Spear's little sister, Jamie, being pregnant at 16.

The first story was about a family of 4 who were missing since Sunday after going to north California to go Christmas Tree Hunting. At one point Gallagher pointed out that they had found a bikini. But there was no mention of a bikini as the story went on, but a wool cap that was identified by a family member to belong to the youngest child.

When talking about the truck that the family had traveled in Gallagher said that had been located two years ago, when in actuality it was 2 days ago.

A fairly easy story to report. In fact a few minutes later the Neil Cavuto Show was reporting that all four had been found and were in a helecopter.

Comments: Everyone makes mistakes, but people usually say 'pardon me' or some such saying and correct themselves. I think Gallager has a way to go until he becomes anchor who can compete. He made the story appear very confusing and I'm so tired of Fox saying they have breaking news coming after the break. If it's breaking news and that important it should be aired right then.

One other story that Studio B covered today was that Britanny Spears little sister was pregnant at 16 and the mom's parenting book on raising entertainment kids. She could have had an abortion and no one would know - but this is against the Christian way. Gallagher was all over the mother saying what a terrible mother she was and that the book on parenting had been put on hold. Now, that's very Christian - like.

Another no hard news on Fox News - where you go for your fluff news.