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Pastor Cavuto Covers a "Christmas Miracle"

Reported by Melanie - December 19, 2007 -

Aside from a four minute-ish interview with Ron Paul, primarily about whether he has done, or will do a Christmas ad, Your World w/Neil Cavuto was wall-to-wall coverage today (December 19, 2007) of a rescue of a missing California man, Frederick Dominguez, and his three children. The four went missing on Sunday when, according to reporter Claudia Cowan, they took off "after church" to venture into the woods about 100 miles north of Sacramento to cut down a Christmas tree. The four were literally brought out of the woods by helicopter during the course of Your World. Despite not having interviewed any of them, Cavuto and Cowan had plenty to say about their ordeal.

After the Paul interview, which occurred roughly four minutes in, and after he seemingly realized that coverage of the rescue would likely span his entire show, Cavuto said,

You know, I know the Dow was down a little bit today, and that's in the lower right portion of your screen. Candidates running for the White House were yappin' and criticizing each other today and you heard a lot about that. But this is Christmas and this is just a wonderful story. And these look like wonderful kids. ... On Sunday they went to cut down a Christmas tree and all was okay. ... This Christmas season I think you can't find a better story than this.


Just think of what was going through their minds here and particularly for the dad, Frederick Dominguez, who's trying to tell, trying to keep his kids calm. Tell them look, we're going to get out of this alright. You're in this drainage pipe. You're sucking on snow. You're occasionally getting out there puttin' out reminders, hey, we're alive, help us. Can you imagine? I just can't fathom this.

Cowan interjected comments like, this is "a Christmas miracle," and, "It had to be panic at arms length throughout this ordeal," and "This is a churchgoing family. They all pray a lot. They knew," help would "be coming to them eventually."

Back to Cavuto:

I know some of you are saying at home, hey, I want to find out more about the presidential candidates swiping at one another. I want to know why the Dow was down 25 points. I want to know more about the mortgage mess. Ah, do you think that family is interested in any of that stuff? And do you think, at Christmas, a very special time of year, when we value family and just being together and you think of this family...hoping they could live through this, I don't think any of those financial or political issues came up once. They're alive. They're well. Merry Christmas.

And a bit later, after the last of the four was brought out by helicopter, Cavuto did some more opining,

Can you believe that? Just, just think about what you're watching here folks. These folks were given up for dead at the Christmas season. All they wanted to do on Sunday was chop down a tree then a nightmare ensued. A storm. They weren't dressed for it. They took anything they could to try and support themselves. Ah, sorta gathered around in a drainage pipe, no doubt praying. Huddling together. Hoping against hope that they'd be found. They left messages. Wrote in the snow...anything to save themselves, to get through this Christmas holiday. And at a time so many people are riveted by events that seem so trivial by comparison. Life is very special today.
We have about 700 emails indicating this is the story you want to watch.
We wanted to give you this as a constant reminder of what's at stake here. But news is still coming in...

--To a report about a chemical explosion in Jacksonville, Florida, then back to the rescue, "On a day we're reminded of the fragility of life..."

Wrapping up the show, Cavuto says they have "better than 600 folk's emails [hey, you said 700 a few minutes ago] who are okay with this," and 6 or 7 who are not.

Comment: Under different circumstances, Cavuto might have wondered if Dominguez was an illegal alien and if taxpayers were going to be saddled with the tab for his rescue. But, today we had a "Christmas miracle," moderated and embellished with "color commentary" by Pastor Cavuto.

P.S. Kudos to Mr. Dominguez, his three kids and the people who rescued them.