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If It's Fox & Friends, It's Diss Hillary Time - Again

Reported by Donna - December 19, 2007 -

If you watched Fox and Friends you saw the usual diss of Hillary. This happens on a regular basis. They seem to never have bad news for a Republican, but Hillary is fair game.

Apparently a Sunday School teacher was in a crowd where Hillary was campaigning and she asked Hillary if she was a Christian. Hillary said that she was and the woman said she was so glad, that was important to her. It turns out the woman happened to be Hillary's Sunday School teacher when she was a child back in Illinois.

Well, this story is driving Doocy crazy (he talked about it several times during the two hour period 6 - 8 a.m. est.) Apparently Doocy thinks it may be a plant since the woman campaigns for Hillary. The way he phrased it (like he believed she was a plant) and then asked for emails on who believes this -- well, guess what? A little later in the show he said he had not received one email that said they believed Hilary, they believed the woman was a plant.

So what if the teacher taught Hillary when she was a little girl? Who still has contact with their teachers from an early age? As for her campaigning - I'm sure the woman remembered her and wanted to support her so she was campaigning for her and had that one question to make sure Hillary hadn't changed.

Comment: This is total conjecture. Doocy goes over the story time and time again and makes his belief of her being a plant, of course people are going to email saying it's a plant.. It's his audience, his show. I've done a lot of dissing Hillary stories from Fox and Friends. Perhaps I should keep track if this happens all the time? It certainly is repetitive.

On the other hand they showed Mike Huckabee's ad where the shape of a cross seems to appear behind him. They showed this ad at least 5 times. Then they had an ad man on to talk about and he said it was a little lighthearted and he was playing to his base. Kilmeade asked who the ad man (Jerry Femina) was endorsing and he said, "John McCain." In the meantime Huckabees commercial gets played time after time on Fox and Friends. Free publicity.

Fox, unfair and unbalanced.