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Rudy Giuliani's Poll Numbers Tank in New Hampshire, He Runs to Florida With his Tail Between his Legs, and Fox Spins it as a Good Strategic Move

Reported by Melanie - December 18, 2007 -

Far be it for a Republican presidential candidate to experience anything but love -- on Fox anyway. Yet it seems that the more the people of New Hampshire see of Rudy Giuliani, the less they like him. In response, Giuliani has hightailed it outta there, sending his machine to Florida. Fox "reports" the news, so to speak, and Rudy emerges as a master strategist.

Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto was on it today (December 18, 2007). His guest was Larry Sabato in a segment captioned, "Giuliani Cuts Back on Ads in NH: Winning Move?"

After a segment lauding Mike Huckabee's "floating cross ad," Cavuto transitioned immediately into the Sabato segment with,

Speaking of the campaign, Rudy Giuliani pulling those costly campaign ads from New Hampshire. While others say it is all about the early states, history proves otherwise. So, is Rudy on to something?

With that Cavuto introduced Sabato and asked,

Larry, what do you make of this? Just sort of writing off, at least by inference, these early states?

I thought we were talking about New Hampshire, not the "early states."

Sabato said,

You can survive... It's going to be tough on Giuliani but it's not impossible and he's right in one sense. The early states have often been wrong. They have voted for people who didn't get the party nominations. They don't have any absolutist truth about them.

Cavuto agreed and added more cover for Giuliani:

Alright, yeah, I was reading some interesting statistics here. '88 Richard Gephardt won Missouri. Obviously he didn't go on to win it. Ah, Tom Harkin won, in Iowa I should say, Tom Harkin won in Iowa. Obviously he didn't go on to win it. And in fact I think the odds are one out of six that if you win Iowa, for example, you're going to go on to become president of the United States. So why are knuckleheads like me putting so much emphasis on Iowa?

Again, I thought this was about New Hampshire. And Rudy. And, just wondering, has a Republican (Cavuto only named Democrats) ever lost in one of the "early states"?

With that, the discussion turned to the primary schedule. Video of the whole segment is posted below.

Comment: Fox is at it again. "Reporting" news without really reporting it. Giuliani leaves NH, or was it Iowa or Missouri? And why was it -- come again -- that he left? Oh yeah, it was because of those "costly campaign ads." Sure. Fox "reports" just enough info to squeak by and in the end, the viewers are left thinking that ol' Rudy's struttin' off into the sunset.