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Ron Paul asked for one word answers by FOX and Friends' Carlson

Reported by Chrish - December 18, 2007 -

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) has made news this week with his amazing fundraising numbers this past Sunday - $6 million in one day, a record for any candidate. For this he was deemed worthy of a few minutes air time on FOX News where he raised some eyebrows. Unlike media-annointed "viable" candidates, however, Comgressman Paul only got two minutes and was pointedly asked for one-word answers on important topics.

In a brief teaser segment before a break, Steve Doocy asked Paul what he thought about a recent Huckabee ad that placed that candidate before a paned window, which was cut off in such a way as to make it appear he had a cross in the background. Was it inappropriate, as an earlier guest had opined, to use religion for political purposes? Paul replied that he hadn't given it thorough consideration but it reminded him of Sinclair Lewis' remark that "when fascism comes to [America] it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross." But he wondered about the subtle implication that Huckabee is the only Christian, and said he wouldn't use something like that. Doocy defended Huckabee, saying he didn't think he was selling fascism, merely sending out a Christmas message.

After the break Carlson asked about the fundraising, done spontaneously by supporters on the Internet. 55,000 donated, 25,000 of them for the first time. Paul attributes it to his platform of Constitutionality, personal freedom, limited government and a change in foreign policy. He was able to make the point that a lot of his supporters are younger, many first-time voters, and use cell phones, therefore are not included in polling, and that many of his supporters are disenchanted Republicans who stayed home in 2006.

Carlson said "I'm gonna say a topic, and if you can give me a one word response..." Paul laughed, "One word" but went along. So what did she want him to comment on in one word?


Mainstream media.


War on terror.

Fred Thompson, who got six-plus minutes yesterday on F&F, mocked the concept of a "show of hands" presented by a debate moderator the other day, saying we are in dire straits when thirty seconds is deemed too long.

FOX and the rest of the corporate media has narrowed the field for primary voters right from the beginning when candidates announced. Somewere treated as respectable, viable, and having real potential, while others are marginalized and given scant coverage and treated unfairly at debates. Ron Paul is one of the latter, so his show of $trength and the popularity of his message have to be further beaten down by the gatekeepers.

What Paul managed to convey this morning, in s few sentences, was his platform that

1. We need to bring the troops home.

2. The media does their thing and he has to fight for his coverage.

3. We need to change the rules. We shouldn't encourage and subsidize illegal immigration.

4. We better understand what the motive is. If we don't understand the motive, if we think terrorism comes from the fact that we're rich and free, we'll never solve that problem. We better understand foreign policy if we expect to care of it.

The chyron read "Independent Ideas - Paul brings a unique crowd."

Yeah, people who are serious and who think and read and don't rely n the MSM to feed them soundbites. Good for Paul; shame on FOX and Friends.