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Neil Cavuto Wrongly Claims That all American Presidents Have Been Christians

Reported by Melanie - December 18, 2007 -

One of the segments today (December 18, 2007) on Fox's "business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, was a discussion about Mike Huckabee's "floating cross ad," and whether religion should be left out of the presidential campaign. Atheist Michael Newdow argued that yes, it should be, and Cavuto and guest Ray Flynn argued that it shouldn't be. Cavuto should get his facts straight the next time he takes on religion and the presidency.

Newdow's point was simple - that the president of the United States represents all Americans so his religious affiliation and beliefs should not be part of the context in which he/she campaigns or governs. He said no president should try to force their beliefs on Americans, whether they believe in God or not. He said he would be just as opposed to an atheist who tried to force his or her lack of belief on Americans.

Toward the end of the conversation, Newdow said this:

I'm not running for public office. I couldn't. I'm an atheist so I couldn't get elected. The idea that somebody, this is a man who is going to represent all Americans and he sent, why, why doesn't he just wear a little sign on here [pointing to his lapel], okay, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, we don't care about you. I mean, that's what he's saying.

Cavuto, taking sides like the "journalists" at Fox are wont to do, said,

Are you saying the 43 men that have been president of the United States -- all Christians -- were all saying that to Jews and Muslims and non-Christians?

Comment: Our presidents have not all been Christians. Four were Unitarians and two were Quakers. As for the Unitarians,

One of the most over-represented religious groups among U.S. presidents is Unitarianism. Despite merging with Universalism in the 1960's, the combined proportion of Unitarian Universalists in the U.S. population is just 0.2% of the population (one in every 500 Americans). Yet there have been 4 Unitarian presidents.

Unitarians are not Christians. They are liberals who, "are free to search for truth on many paths." Quakers aren't Christians either. Quakers are totally nonviolent and refer to themselves as, "Religious witnesses for peace since 1660." Just think, at least six of our presidents were non-Christian, anti-war liberals. The right -- thanks Neil -- wouldn't want that info to leak out! Wouldn't want to actually inform the citizenry or plant the seed that there might actually be another way, an alternative from our past that's contrary to following the religious right down the dark road we're on now.