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Hugh Hewitt Calls Joe Lieberman “Standard Bearer” For Democrats

Reported by Ellen - December 18, 2007 -

During a Hannity & Colmes discussion on the election last night (12/17/07), conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt was so eager to smear Democrats that he mischaracterized Senator Joe Lieberman as the “standard bearer” for Democrats whose endorsement of John McCain for president hurt the Party badly. In reality, Lieberman is an independent who has admitted that none of the Democratic candidates had asked for his support. With video.

The discussion was a typically “balanced” Hannity & Colmes panel consisting of two conservatives, Hewitt and Town Hall columnist Amanda Carpenter, plus a quasi-liberal, FOX News contributor Juan Williams.

Hannity started the portion of the discussion pertaining to McCain’s recent endorsements by erroneously calling Lieberman a Democrat. Then he played a clip of Lieberman, correctly identified as an independent but with his name misspelled.

Hewitt later responded, “I think Joe Lieberman hurts Democrats badly because it illustrates just how wrong they are on the war that they’ve lost their standard bearer, one of their two standard bearers, because of the war.”

I wonder who Hewitt thinks is the other standard bearer, Zell Miller?