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Hannity & Colmes Gets A Good Talking To From Charles Grodin

Reported by Ellen - December 18, 2007 -

Charles Grodin visited Hannity & Colmes last night and gave a piece of his mind to Sean and Alan about the tripe that they put forth as issues. The results were often hilarious. If only more guests had his pluck! With video.

Grodin complained about the show’s fixation on the horse race of the 2008 election, still 11 months away. “Here’s what we should be talking about. Why are we waiting three more years to screen cargo on passenger airlines… why are we waiting five more years to screen what’s coming into our ports?” he asked.

Both hosts insisted they had discussed those topics. Yeah, maybe once or twice in between reports on Natalee Holloway! When I searched my notes and old posts, the last discussion I found on the subject of port security was in February, 2006, in relation to the proposed UAE Dubai Ports deal. I found nothing on airliner cargo.

At the end of Part 1, Hannity teased the next discussion. “Also coming up, Celine Dion is leaving Vegas but will she return to the stage anytime soon?”

“We MUST find out!” Grodin exclaimed sarcastically. “We have to know that! We have to know that as soon as possible!”

In Part 2, Hannity made a blatant effort to curry favor by portraying himself as thoughtful and sensitive." “I’m an introspective person,” he boasted. “I think you should admit your mistakes, humble yourself.”

But somehow he still hasn’t fessed up to his mistakes about Dr. Hammesfahr!

Grodin asked him, “Would you acknowledge there’s too much bomb-throwing from right and left in the media?”

Hannity agreed and, predictably, blamed Democrats. “Are there any right wing people, for example, Sean Hannity, who’s a bomb thrower?”

“Give me one example where I’ve been a bomb-thrower!” Hannity exclaimed in all seriousness.