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FOX Friends go Googling, find News Hounds

Reported by Chrish - December 18, 2007 -

Yesterday (it might have been Sunday) I caught a brief segment of Courtney Friel talking with other FOX personalities about self-Googling. Apparently Friel is addicted to the practice and looks up not only herself but her co-workers and other celebrities. This morning on FOX and Friends the "issue" was addressed again, and a search by Brian Kilmeade of himself brought up an article on News Hounds, which he said "is full of facts." Ironic that an article here that attributes him with inadvertantly voicing a truth should elicit yet another.
With video.

The article, "Kilmeade calls O'Reilly "gutless" for dissing Doocy on tape," notes that the trio was joking and bantering, and assumed that despite his straight face Kilmeade was also joking. He made sure to reiterate that he was kidding, but the fact remains that O'Reilly frequently jabs his finger at the studio camera and addresses people who are not in his presence and who can't argue with him.

This morning Kilmeade was being sarcastic again, but again he spoke the truth. Let's hope some of the curious FOX and Friends viewers (is that an oxymoron?) check us out.

Here's the segment: