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Top Story On Studio B - Lieberman Endorses John McCain and The Clinton Scandals?

Reported by Donna - December 17, 2007 -

The Top news on Studio B with Shepard Smith was that Joe Lieberman was endorsing John McCain for President. Still left time to get the words scandal and Clintons a few times, though.

Carl Camerone said that Lieberman said that the Democrats had gone too far left and people think they were weak. And this was the Republican report! Smith said he was going to Caroline Shively for the Democratic report but they had problems with the video tape. We never heard from Croline Shively)

Later in the program he went back to the Democrats with Kelly Bingel as the Democratic strategist and Carrie Lukas as the Republican strategist. Smith said Hillary Clinton's recent slide in the polls (Comment: He likes to say this and uses it as much as possible, her standings in the National Polls are shown on some banners but not usually mentioned) and her once formidable lead in the early polls has vanished. They take full advantage of the Iowa polls to bring down Hillary whenever they can.

Smith said Hillary was on a 5 day campaign blitz across Iowa. He said she appeared on a Fox News Station for the first time (Fox & Friends) and they showed video tape of Hillary and she said she felt good about where she is right now. Hillarysaid she was thrilled by the Des Moines Rregister Editorial because it laid out all the things she believed were important such as who is the best equipped, experienced and ready to make the kind of changes that Americans from across the pplitical range now not only know we need to make but who are anxious (the tape cut out and Smith said something like anxious about pausing the tape atb mid sound byte). It finished but it being cut out ruined the message that Hillary was giving.

Hillary said she keeps focused on what she wants to do for America, the vision she has for America and the plans she put out there and the plans she has to go running that very first day.

Doocy said, "Sure." Then Doocy said that she and Obama were running neck and neck and her husband the other day had said that it would take a miracle for her to win in Iowa. (Notice this is not a powder puff questions - she got one but the Republicans who were interviewed didn't) Doocy said if she did comeback she couldn't use that title, (the Comeback Kid( because someone in her house had already taken that saying. (Hillary laughed) Doocy asked her if she would be the Comeback Senator, the Comeback Gal (Comeback Gal? Isn't that a bit sexist?) and had she thought about that yet".

The banner read, 'Obama Gaining On Clinton In The Newest Iowa Polls'

Hillary said she'd leave that to them (Fox) because they have a great way to turn a phrase (zinger).
Hillary added that she was just going to continue working hard everyday, knocking on doors, phoning people, Hillary added that she will continue doing what she's doing and come January 3 through February 5 we would see who has the most delegates because whoever has the most delegates will win and she thinks she's the one who will have the most, win the nomination and then become our next president.

Smith said that according to published reports (I don't know which ones, he didn't say) that her husband, Bill was upset and frustrated about how things are going with her campaign so he hit the road to try and help. He brought back Kelly Bingel as the Democratic strategist and Carrie Lukas with the Independent Women' Forum.

Smith asked Bingel what was going on here, if this was a war of expectations. Bingel said she thinks people should watch Senator Clinton this week. Bingel said that Hillarys going to do what she did in New York, she went to every county and she's going to win over the hearts and minds and if you meet her, when you know her, that's who you're going to want to support. The talk of her husband coming in to rescue her is a little absurd, perhaps a little romantic. She's a very strong candidate.

Smith said that Bill was out there a lot and it seemed from many sources (Comment: Some people say,yawn) that they're playing good cop/bad cop on that with Bill being the tough guy. Smith asked what Carries take was on this?

Lukas said that could be his role but she thought President Clinton was compoiunding her problems at this rate. Smith asked, "How so?" Lukas said she thinks when people see President Clinton even those who liked his policies it brings back all the melodrama. Smith interrupted, "You're kidding, right?" Lukas continued--- all the scandals and problems accociated with the Clintons Smith cut in again and said there were people who were thinking wow, the nation wasn't at war, the economy was good, they wish they could bring back the Clinton days. Isn't that what the Democrats want, bring back the moderate Clintons.

Lukas said some may think like that but when you look at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama you think about the infighting with the staff (Comment: Nothing) Lukas said she thinks it really brings back a lot of bad memories. Lukas added that she thought this was a reason for the drop in her polls.

Smith said tp Bingel that people say they are looking for change and bringing back the Clintons is anything but change. (Another gotcha from Smith to the Democratic Strategist) Bingel said she didn't think so, that she thought people thought of them as two different candidates. Smith said, "Really?" Bingel said yeah, Bingel and Smth sparred back and forth a little on whether Hillary Clinton was looking like a 2 for 1 candidate.

Bingel said this was about Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton. Bingel said she agreed that he was a very good president and was a very strong president and people missed him. Smith said, "Not everybody." Bingel said that he (Smith) sounded like he missed him. Smith said there's two ways of thinking on this so he said there were a lot of people thinking like that and those who think things are different right now - we are in a war right now that someone has got to figure out what to do about, we have a lot of serious problems right now and if all the drama would come back right now about a Clinton presidency, the stresses and the scandals, would be right back in our laps again.(Comment: Oh baloney, here's Smith buying into the scandal screamers)

Bingel asked if Smith and Lukas had gotten the same talking points this morning. Smith said he gave one of hers and then the other ones. He said one was called fair and the other was called balanced. (Lukas got a "you're kidding") from Smith when she was talking but I didn't see the fair and balanced.

Bingel said when we had Bill Clinton as president we had diplomatic relationships with other nations which was key with Foreign Policy and the next Clinton President that came in she would improve those relations as well. Bingel said that is what we need.

Smith stopped here and said he'd have them back. He stopped it to show a Fred Thompson interview with Doocy and it was all poofy questions.

They came back from commercial break and had another Republican/Independent interview of Lieberman by Doocy and Bingel and Lukas talked about him.

Comment: How unfair and unbalanced can you get. You can see through their subtle bias. They talked about Hillary and Obama on the Democratic side. The spoke about Huckabee, McCain, (with Lieberman) Thompson and Romney on the Republican side. Smith let his Republican guest go after Bill Clinton's scandals (Comment?) and he repeated it himself, when it had no place in this policial discussion. As for Lieberman? He's Fox's favorite Independent who is always siding with the Republicans.

Don't forget the two technical blackouts that they had (Comment) Conveniently when Hillary was speaking. So, in fact, though he had a Democrat strategist on, the conversation focused on the Clinton scandals and Joe Lieberman endorsing John McCain Doesn't sound fair and balanced to me.