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Outrageous Quote of the Year Playoffs - Q3 2007

Reported by Chrish - December 17, 2007 -

In the spirit of the season we've decided to do a playoff series for you, the readers, to decide the Outrageous Quote of the Year 2007, as presented by FOX News hosts and guests. Have fun! The nominees for Outrageous Quote of the Third Quarter appear after the jump.

** Be sure to scroll down and vote in all 3 polls! **

JULY 2007

Option A: "Except for partisans, you can't find three people who live between Manhattan and Malibu who even know who Lewis Libby is. This is an example of a story that's big in the liberal bubble in Washington. It's not a big story amongst regular folks in the rest of America. [...] "We go to the American people and we ask them if they can pick out Kansas on a map and they can't. We ask them if they can pick out England on a map and they can't. We ask them who the Vice-president is, they don't have any idea. Who's the Secretary of State? "I don't know." Then we go to them and ask them what they think of the Lewis Libby commutation? I don't care what the American people have to say about these things." Bernie Goldberg, The O'Reilly Factor, 7/5/07

Option B: "So, there's joy in far-leftville. The Bush-haters have won a victory. Iraq is not going to become a functioning democracy anytime soon, and Bush will have that on his resume forever." Bill O'Reilly on The Factor 7/9/07

Option C: "This is hate of the worst order. It's like the Ku Klux Klan. It's like the Nazi party. It's no different." [...] "These are people who are wishing people with whom they disagree, ill. That's who they are. That's what they do. That's all they do." Bill O'Reilly lying about DailyKos website on the O'Reilly Factor, 7/16/07, 7/18/07.

Option D: "Jane, Jane. That's a lie and I can't let you say a lie on this broadcast." Bill O'Reilly, before cutting the mic of guest Jane Hall, for stating that there had been hateful comments on billoreilly.com that were not representative of his site, which had since been removed. O'Reilly Factor 7/26/07

July 2007 will go down in teevee history as the month that Bill O'Reilly officially jumped the shark.


Option A: "The problem with American journalism today is the blurring of editorial positions with hard news. ...but when their liberal views dictate what hard news stories they cover, you (sic) have a problem." Bill O'Reilly, Talking Points Memo 7/31/07

Option B: "We hate the oil companies because we're dependent on them." "Why?! We should love them and be grateful to them. They are doing us an incredible favor getting us all this energy at a decent price. I mean, they're not even setting the price. I mean, why are we bashing them? We need them. They're our friends!" Ben Stein, in a discussion about taxing oil companies, Your World w/Neil Cavuto 8/6/07

Option C: "'Talking Points' fears that corruption in the U.S. media is harming this country big time. Right now, there is more propaganda than truth floating around in the press. And that is dangerous." Bill O'Reilly referring to himself by his code name and projecting again 8/15/07

Option D: "... [al Maliki] is a dud. Look he hasn't done a good job and I'm sure privately President Bush is furious at how little he's done in reconciliation and other things. On the other hand, you know, we went through this in Vietnam, when they - when the U. S. conspired to get President [Ngo Dinh] Diem murdered actually and then that's a - a sequence of people after that who could not lead. Look. If there were some other - if there were some obvious leader there, Charles, I would say 'Good, let's go ahead with it.'" - Fred Barnes, Special Report, suggesting assassination as a solution to the political situation in Iraq, 8/24/07


Option A: "So, Congressman (Ron) Paul ... you’re basically saying that we should take our marching orders from al Qaeda?" Fair and Balanced question asked by Chris Wallace at the Republican debate, 9/5/07

Option B: "(Bin Laden) seemed to adopt the very same language that is being used by the hard left in this country as he describes what's going on in Iraq as a civil war, he actually used the term 'neocons,' he talks about global warming, he demonizes capitalism and corporations in this whole thing - very, very specific language." Sean Hannity likened Bin Laden to Democrats, H&C 9/7/07

Option C: "Finally, there are far-right Web sites that smear, no question. But I've studied this Internet situation now for more than a year. The viciousness of the far-left is unprecedented. It is un-American. It is immoral. Every politician should walk away from these people." Fair and balanced Internet expert Bill O'Reilly, TPM The O'Reilly Factor, 9/17/07

Option D: "Well, first of all, whenever I hear anything described as a heartless assault on our children, I tend be - think - it's a good idea. I'm happy that the President is willing to do something bad for the kids. You do wonder about the Democrats, If I can just say. Putting a 12-year-old - I mean, how pathetic is that? A 12-year-old kid giving the radio address. Nancy Pelosi pretending she's praying for the President. You really wonder how stupid they think the American people are." - Bill "PNAC" Kristol. speaking about the President's threat to veto the SCHIPS legislation, FOX News Sunday, 9/30/07