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Ann Coulter Refers to Fox News as "Our Side"

Reported by Melanie - December 17, 2007 -

Ann Coulter was Neil Cavuto's guest today (December 17, 2007) as Cavuto kicked off a new week of Hillary bashing (Hillary was such a fool to cozy up to Rupert Murdoch). The topic of discussion was the new ad campaign Clinton launched over the weekend to "show her likeability." Interesting choice, isn't it, to have Ann Coulter on to talk about likeability? But I digress.

Toward the end of the segment the discussion turned to the presidential race as a whole. Cavuto wondered, "Bottom line, this race, the way it's shaping up for Ann Coulter right now, next November, who's it gonna be?"

Coulter, showing no hesitation whatsoever, replied, "Um, well, I still think on our side it's Romney or Giuliani. On their side it's Hillary or Obama..."

Here's video.

...[A]nd the odds on favorite is "probably still Hillary" with "Obama nipping at her heels."

Comment: What is it about Monday? Last Monday Shepard Smith said, " We're his [Bush's] network after all, so we do have his number." So, can we quit pretending already? Can we cut the "fair and balanced" crap? Let's make it official folks.