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Outrageous Quote of the Week 12/15/07

Reported by Chrish - December 16, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly won again, obliterating the competition, for his delusional claim that "A few years ago there was a movement to wipe out all vestiges of Christmas in the public square. If I had not done that campaign, the forces of darkness would have won. But we won, and to diminish what we did is wrong." For this week's dose of doozies, read on - and this is as tough a choice as I've ever seen. Wow.

Option A: "The environmentalists' real motivation is to reduce human population because they hate humans. That is what they're going for. They value the plant life more." Jonathan Hoenig, in a discussion about an Australian doctor's proposal to impose a $5,000 tax on couples who have more than two children, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, 1210/07

Option B: "The far-left secular progressive community is furious, furious, I tell you about losing the war on Christmas." [...] "Next to Jessica's Law, "The Factor's" reporting on Christmas is one of the most important things we've done." Bill O'Reilly declaring victory in his imaginary war on Christmas. 12/12/07

Option C: "You know, it's very hard for anybody to be a front runner for a year and take that kind of scrutiny. And it's particularly hard when you know, for a dead certainty, that if the American people knew what you were really like, and what you are really for, they'd never vote for you. So you need 12 months of artifice and she hasn't been able to pull it off." Dick Morris re Hillary Clinton , Hannity and Colmes, 12/10/07

Option D: "In this country capital punishment is legal and considered the right thing to do in a narrow number of cases. But we do not have public executions and we don't put them on tape and broadcast them, Why? Because the killing of a helpless person - which is what the death penalty is - is an ugly which would evince sympathy for the criminal and revulsion against those lawfully acting in carrying it out. We know from this guy Kiriakou that waterboarding was the right thing to do. It saved lives. It worked. It was used in a narrow number of cases. It was not done, like the Abu Ghraib psychopaths, for sadistic pleasure and amusement. It was done to obtain information and it did. As he said, it broke one terrorist in thirty seconds and another - Khalid Sheik Muhammad - in three minutes. This is after he said he wanted a lawyer. Well, after that he didn't want a lawyer, he confessed and it saved a lot of lives. [...] Destroying these tapes was also the right thing to do. Why? Because it is an ugly thing to do - what was done to them - and showing it would have evinced revulsion against the interrogators, who saved our lives, and [it would have evoked] sympathy for the terrorists." Charles Krauthammer, M.D., (really), Special Report, 12/12/07

Option E: "Look, let me be frank, Sean. In TV, there is a vacuum of powerful shows that have popular attention that have a higher moral purpose. And the potential is dynamite." Niger Innis re why "Dog the Bounty Hunter" should go back on the air. 12/14/07 Hannity & Colmes.

Option F: "Republicans are religious. There's a difference between a Republican and a Democrat and it's not just about race, it's not just about ethnicity. One of the biggest differences is in terms of religion. Republicans believe in God and they attend church." Supposedly neutral pollster Frank Luntz, Hannity & Colmes, 12/13/07