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“Neutral” Pollster Frank Luntz Falsely Alleges Democrats Don’t Believe In God

Reported by Ellen - December 14, 2007 -

Last night (12/13/07), Hannity & Colmes hosted Frank Luntz as a supposedly neutral pollster to analyze the Democratic candidates’ debate held earlier in the day. Luntz is a regular on the show yet his Republican ties are routinely undisclosed to the viewers. On last night’s show, Luntz asserted that Democrats don’t believe in God, despite the fact that polls show otherwise. As Media Matters has noted, Luntz has had recurring problems with his credibility. With video

For the sake of context, I’ve included below the video of the entire final portion of a multi-part segment with Luntz regarding the debate. But the relevant part occurred about a minute before the end, during Luntz’ go-round with Alan Colmes.

Luntz told Colmes, “Republicans are religious. There’s a difference between a Republican and a Democrat and it’s not just about race, it’s not just about ethnicity. One of the biggest differences is in terms of religion. Republicans believe in God and they attend church. Democrats…” Luntz did not finish his sentence but he was shaking his head.

Colmes interjected, “Democrats do too, they just don’t want it in their politicians…”

Luntz interrupted, “You just made my point.”

In fact, all the relevant polls I found indicate that while it's true Democrats attend church less than Republicans the overwhelming number of Democrats believe in God. For example, a 2003 Harris Interactive Poll found that 78% of Democrats believe in God (compared to 87% of Republicans). A June, 2007 CBS News Poll found that 58% of Democrats thought it important for a candidate to have strong religious beliefs. And as Beliefnet reported in what appears to be a 2004 article, 61 percent of Democrats say they pray daily or more often (compared to 67% of Republicans) and that most find religion important. The authors of the article (one of whom is editor-in-chief) conclude, “There is no God gulf. It’s a myth.”

You’d think Luntz would have known that.