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Murdoch Overhauling Wall Street Journal. Say Good-bye to Quality Business Reporting and Hello to Hoochie Mamas and Soft Porn!

Reported by Marie Therese - December 14, 2007 -

On Wednesday New York Times reported that Rupert Murdoch, who just finalized his deal to buy Dow Jones, has already fired people at The Wall Street Journal. He has swooped in on his warlock's broomstick to mold the respected business paper into yet another right-wing tabloid.

According to the Times article:

In the last few months, Rupert Murdoch has moved into an office at Dow Jones & Company, publisher of The Wall Street Journal. He has pushed the paper’s editors for shorter articles and more hard news. He has personally wooed reporters he wants to keep out of his competitors’ hands.

And last week, he oversaw the replacement of top executives, including The Journal’s publisher, with his own lieutenants. [...]

... But Mr. Murdoch has already seized the reins of Dow Jones and The Journal, setting in motion what amounts to an overhaul of the look, content and staff of one of the world’s most prized newspapers.

“He’s not wasting any time,” said one Dow Jones executive who, like most of the people interviewed, asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the changes being made. “He’s already calling the shots, making decisions. We know that’s his M.O., but it’s amazing to see.”


Yeah, we News Hounds know all about Murdoch's kind of "hard" news.

Wall Street Journal readers can expect to see photos of scantily-clad, buxom babes strutting their stuff on bar tops or runways, liberally interspersed with stories about blond botox bimbos gone bad while not-so-important business stories like financing the war in Iraq, a sinking economy, increased inflation, plummeting consumer confidence and bank bail-outs will be relegated to the Siberian freeze of the back pages.

Murdoch will cheapen the coverage - possibly even drop the words "Wall Street" from the title - in an obsessive bid to take down the New York Times.

Now that the ink is dry and the Bancroft family, former owners of Dow Jones, have walked away counting their thirty pieces of silver, there will be no one left to stop Murdoch's inexorable despoiling of this once-proud symbol of American business.

So. this being holiday season, let's raise a cup of cheer and salute - for the last time - a great institution and a former bastion of real journalism.

R. I. P., Wall Street Journal.

Thanks for the years of real reporting and quality in-depth analysis.

You'll be mightily missed.

* Hat tip to Bill Corcoran for alerting me to this story. - MT