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FOX and Friends chat with colleague Dana Perino, part 1

Reported by Chrish - December 14, 2007 -

Dana Perino, White House spokesperson and "the most powerful unelected woman in Washington" appeared with Friends Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade at the FOX Washington Bureau this morning 12/14/07. The two "coffee show" hosts were in Washington following a night at the Bush's Christmas party (along with about 500 other invited guests).

Doocy asked Perino "How weird is it to have people who appear on other channels who bash (Bush) all the time, and then one night a year they come into the White House, they bring their kids and say 'Hi, how are ya?' as if they haven't been basing (him) all year long?" Perino said it was a little awkward and said she was amazed, taking requests for invitations, "how audacious some people are to call and ask to be invited to the Christmas party."

It seems that just like his "public" appearances, at this event (paid for by you and me; no mention of the tab for this soiree, service, food, decorations etc, unlike Nancy Pelosi's floral arrangements) Bush only wants a friendly audience. Interesting how Doocy characterized the "bashers" from other networks, inferring that there are no "bashers" from FOX, and also putting forth the meme that merely reporting on the actions - corrupt, incompetent, illegal, immoral - of this administration is "bashing." More telling was Perino's collegial response, indicating that there is no professional respect for journalists merely doing their jobs and putting FOX personnel squarely "with her" as White House spokespeople.