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FOX and Friends reeeeach to smear Democrat Nancy Pelosi

Reported by Chrish - December 13, 2007 -

"You are not going to belieeve how much money she has spent for flowers!" Steve Doocy teased over a banner reading "Pelosi's deep pockets? Madame Speaker a big spender." A few minutes later Gretchen Carlson introduced the full segment over "Pricey Pelo$i - House Speaker's spending spree" and detailed Pelosi's fiscal recklessness.

Apparently over the past year the Speaker has rung up a $16,000 tab for flower arrangements. As Carlson noted, some of these arrangements were ordered for her office for visits by "Prime Ministers of Israel, French Presidents, things like that, Jordan's King..." It was also "revealed" that she spent $10,000 for a speechwriter when she went to Israel and $2,400 for a personal make-up artist to shadow her the week she was sworn in (which she paid for herself and which is a bargain compared to Mitt Romney's one-time $300 make-up job).

Gretchen Carlson did seem to be somewhat defensive of Pelosi as the guys mocked her and made cracks about the increased spending over (former Majority Leader and fellow Republican) Denny Hastert, although Kilmeade briefly mentioned that House Whip John Boehner's spending also increased this year - which was excused as "transitioning costs."

Carlson wondered if the attitude on Capitol Hill is just that there's "so much tax money" floating around that everyone is spending more? (Nice subtle plug for the meme that tax cuts produce more revenue.) Doocy said that no matter, $16,000 for flowers is a lot. Poor Mrs. Happy. An arrangement from (personal fave) 1-800 Flowers easily runs $100, $150. Have you seen the size of the arrangements sprinkled throughout the Capitol and the White House? I'm not denying $16,000 is a lot of money, wish I had it, but it's not unreasonable, over a year, for a woman in her position to spend.

Kilmeade then began whining that men don't care for flowers and what they want is cash (joking) but then said a thank you note would suffice. Now I wouldn't know, but I was under the impression the flowers were for the office/space where the meetings took place, for ambience and elegance, not as a morning after 'thank you."

This tidbit was taken from a spending report released this morning. It had no news value except to potentially embarrass the Speaker and paint her as a free-spending Democrat. FOX and Friends, dare I say it, NEVER explores the reckless spending habits of this administration which will burden our children and grandchildren for years to come. So nit-picking at the Democratic Speaker's office expenses is transparently propaganda.