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Bill O'Reilly Seeks Celebrity Endorsement for Himself from Jane Hall and Bernie Goldberg

Reported by Deborah - December 13, 2007 -

Bernard Goldberg and Jane Hall were scheduled to discuss celebrity endorsements of the candidates tonight, 12/13/07, on The Factor but O'Reilly took a little detour. He opened the segment with clips of his appearances on different shows and then asked Bernie and Jane to discuss his own role as a celebrity. After they paid homage to his fame, he continued the segment as planned.

Viewers were shown clips of Bill on the other shows he visited in the last year like The View and The Colbert Report, Bernie Goldberg had a complex theory ready and Jane Hall was downright worshipful. She called him the " King" and said he was an " evangelist" adding that people are always surprised by his height.Goldberg claimed they put BOR on their shows as an " oddity" adding that he was considered the "anti-Christ" by liberals. Goldberg quipped that liberals like to
"hang out with riff raff".

When he felt sufficiently bolstered, O'Reilly briefly discussed the endorsements for candidates but actually concentrated on his least favorite, John Edwards who received an endorsement from Tim Robbins. O'Reilly acted like that was insane because Robbins is so far left . It was clear that O'Reilly was the only one who thought Robbins' endorsement was so negative for Edwards. Hall noted that Robbins was considered mainstream by most people.

Then O'Reilly asked unexpectedly, " Bernie, are we going overboard with the Christmas thing?" Goldberg hesitated and gently told Bill that it was obviously something he cared about. It looked like Goldberg wanted to say something quite different.

Jane Hall came right out and said yes adding that it takes the focus away from the real message of the holiday. Bill looked slightly shaken for a second and then made a joke about wanting to sing a carol. Hall added, " Sing a carol or spin a dreidel."

comment: Yes Bill, you have gone way overboard with " the Christmas thing". Let go and move on now. That's what I tell my middle school students when they get stuck in a negative behavior pattern. If it works for 7th graders, it should be a cinch for an evangelist king.