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Bill O'Reilly Continues to Bore America with His Christmas Fixation

Reported by Deborah - December 13, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly says the War on Christmas is over but now everyone must hear about his great victory over the secular progressive hoards who he claims he vanquished in his delusional war. Last night he devoted his TPM to attacking anyone who dared to criticize his tactics because O'Reilly must keep his imaginary battle going at all costs

He open the TPM, 12/12/07 with this over the top declaration of victory.

"The far-left secular progressive community is furious, furious, I tell you about losing the war on Christmas."

He made sure his audience knew that the darkness is still out there ready to take away their Christmas but his yuletide warriors were on the job.

"In Wisconsin, the state assembly has voted to restore the name of the "Christmas tree" to the "Christmas tree". That's because they changed it to the "holiday tree". On Capitol Hill, the House voted yesterday 372 to 9 to recognize the "importance of the Christmas tradition and to condemn bigotry against Christians." And those who voted against that Ackerman and Clarke of New York, DeGette of Colorado, Hastings of Florida, McDermott of Washington state, Scott of Virginia, Lee, Woolsey, Stark of California."

Some of the rhetoric he used was a bit extreme for the subject. He accused department stores of " taliban oppression" and told Carol Towarnicky, Philadelphia Daily News, that " Stalin, Mao and Fidel salute you" because she disagreed with him.

He ended with this self congratulatory proclamation.

"Next to Jessica's Law, "The Factor's" reporting on Christmas is one of the most important things we've done. The underlying assault on this federal holiday is spelled out in my book, "Culture Warrior" if you have an interest. But the bottom line is this. We won and Carol and her SP pals lost. Good."

comment: Bill will continue to feed his ego and sell his book tonight. Is he embarrassed yet?