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Fox & Friends Do Selective Politics Again

Reported by Donna - December 12, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends, Brian Kilmeade spoke with Michael Reagan (son of Ronald Reagan) about politics. Another Republican getting exclusive time to talk about the presidential politcal race.

Kilmeade said the Democrats (I guess this beats 'some say') are all saying that Mike Huckabee has a glass jaw and hope he gets elected. Kilmeade didn't say which or even who these Democrats were who supposedly said this.

Michael Reagan said that wasn't true, it was just politics.

Then Kilmeade said that Hillary's campaign was in trouble (he didn't say where he'd heard this, either) and she had dusted Bill off (Comment: Nice diss) and got him out. Kilmeade said that Bill was beside himself. Kilmeade added that if she loses Iowa she's going to do some shaking up and fire her staff in time for New Hampshire.

Reagan agreed that Obama had Oprah and Hillary Rodham Clinton has to blame someone else besides herself so she will fire her staff.

When it came to the Republicans, Reagan said that Giuliani had had some problems and Romney was at the top for a while and now Huckabee was at the top and it was too early to tell who might win.

Comments: Once again the Fox crew had a single Republican guest on, no Democratic strategist and they had full reign over the topic and took full advantage of it.

Can you imagine them saying Laura Bush had to take George out and dust him off? The whole segment was conjecture, no facts, just thoughtless thoughts thrown out there by Michael Reagan and Kilmeade to make Hillary look bad. It must kill them that she leads in the national polls.

Partisan politics - always on Fox and Friends.