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Republicans Still Hope Hillary Gets Elected And Afraid Of Oprah Supporting Obama

Reported by Donna - December 11, 2007 -

Once again Fox spoke about the Repulicans in the presidential race, but dissed the Democrats. (Fleisher dissed Hillary) Kilmeade said that he was there to talk about the rise of Gov Huccabee and Giuliani. They had Republican White House spokesman, Ari Fleisher talking about them The Democratic stategist? No where to be found. Not even a pseudo Democrat.

Another Fox & Friends winner today.

Kilmeade said that Ari Fleisher was here to talk about Huckabees big jump as well as Giulianis troubles and also about Hilary and Obama.

The banner read, 'Huckabee Frenzy Topping Out The Polls'

Kilmeade asked Fleisher if the balloon was going to last for Huckabee? Fleisher said he didn't think so. Fleisher said he thought that Huckabee got what Thompson was supposed to get, but conservatives , who always have a hard time making up their minds, haven't really decided on a candidate they've been excited about. He thought Huckabee would do well in Iowa but it would be hard for him to sustain it after Iowa. Kilmeade asked him if it was because of money and Fleisher said it was not money but he thought that Giuliani and Mitt would be the top two leaders He added that Huckabee was witty and easy to talk to and he was the most conservative but he still thought Giuliani and Romney would be at the top.

Fox and Friends asked if it was because of money but Fleisher said no. Flleisher said that he would do well in Iowa but it would be difficult to sustain it after Iowa. He said that the conservative votes that they expected to go to Thompson went to Huckabee. He said that Huckabee was a witty and conservative guy but he didn't think he'd make it. He said that he'll do well in Iowa but it will be hard to him to sustain it ater Iowa.

Gretchen Carlson said that she knew that he was not publicaly supporting one of the candidates but he had helped some of the campaigns. Fleisher said he had helped Giuliani, Romney and Thompson. Fleisher said he would be willing to help Huckabee. Carolson laughed and said she could hear the phone ringing. (They all laughed) Ari said he was still on the team and anything he could do he would do to help the team.. (The Republican team, of course)

The banner read, 'Like Mike Conservative Appeal'

Kilmeade said you have to know whats happening on the other side (Democrats). He said Madonna was going to help Hillary and they had the O & O show over the weekend. Fleisher said he hoped Madonna did help Hillary, that would help the Republicans.even more. Kilmede said "Right" in the background. And Kilmeade added that it really helped General Wesley Clark. (They all laughed)

The baner read, 'Oprah-Palooza Bringing Out The Masses'

Ari said the question was if Oprah was so different that she could cause excitement for Obama. Given his insurgency and new ideas, it was probably the right thing to do, it was exciting. In the end Ari said he still thought it was going to be Hillary. Ari called Obama exciting in Iowa but he's going to be the John McCain of 2000. Ari said as Bush was too strong for McCain to catch him, Hillary is going to be too strong for Obama to catch.

The baner read, 'The 'O' Show.

Carlson asked if Hill's Bill (Comment: How cute, she has a nickname for Hillary) was Baracks Oprah. Ari said definitely and he said whenever people see help from a third party the polician always trumps the entertainer. So, having Bill was more important than having Oprah.

Kilmeade said that when people say that McCain is formidable or Huckabee is formidable are they saying that just because they think they can beat them. Fleisher said in the case of Sen McCain, he would be a formidle foe but he doesn't think he could make it. He said he used to have the help of the center. Fleisher doesn't think that about Huckabee and if the Democrats are saying that they aren't saying what they mean .

Comments: See what I mean about the great unfair and unbalanced Fox? 3 Republicans to 0 Democrats. I'd like to see a real debate (perhaps 2 tough Democrats instead of using pseudo Democrats.

And what's up with Gretchen Carlson's nickname she decided to bestow on Sen Hillary Clinton? The cutting remarks from Ari Fleisher about hoping Madonna helped Hillary. The sarcasm from Kilmeade saying 'right' agreeing with Fleisher, the whole segment was a joke. I guess that's why they kept laughing at the Democrats. And what were those strange banners of Oprah's supposed to mean?

They added a nice touch when they showed a picture of all the Republcan candidates but not the Democrats.

Hmmm, wonder who this network is for? Oh, that's right, Shepard Smith told us yesterday.