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GOP Water Boy Neil Cavuto Does Precisely What the Republican National Committee Told Him to Do

Reported by Melanie - December 11, 2007 -

There are times when what Fox doesn't cover says more about its agenda than what it does cover, which was the case today (December 11, 2007) on Fox's alleged "business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

On Sunday the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Republicans were gleefully anticipating a visit by Hillary Clinton to San Francisco today because,

The way they see it, the more face time the pro-gay-marriage, pro-sanctuary-city, pro-gun-control mayor of the most leftist, liberal city in America spends with the Democratic front-runner, the better.

A recent news release distributed by the Republican National Committee to political reporters around the country lambasted Newsom as "Hillary's San Francisco Treat" and took a direct guilt-by-association swipe at Clinton by highlighting the mayor's signature last month on a local law to issue undocumented immigrants ID cards.

Lo and behold, GOP water boy's Clinton-bashing segment today (Cavuto aired five last week alone) was about none other than Clinton's visit to San Francisco and the time she spent with Mayor Gavin Newsom. According to Cavuto, Newsom is "a guy who runs a sanctuary city, just approved I.D. cards for illegals and he lets non-citizens be cops." (We let non-citizens join the military too, by the way.)

Introducing Democratic Strategist Jehmu Greene, Cavuto wondered whether Newsom would "actually hurt her campaign." Humm, I guess the RNC wrote Cavuto's intro.

Greene was calm and articulate (despite Cavuto's repeated interruptions and over talk) in pointing out that the two don't agree on everything but they do share a lot of "common goals." Cavuto kept hammering away at "illegals," wondering if Newsom's "baggage" would be "baggage for a woman who had a rough time deciding whether she was for or against driver's licenses for illegals in New York," and whether it was "stupid" of Clinton to "be going with a card carrying guy who's recommending carrying cards for illegals." Cavuto said "cards for illegals," is the issue Newsom's "most associated with and does Hillary Clinton want to remind people, hey, I'm the flip flopper on this?" (I doubt it, but Fox sure does.)

Comment: Hey, I'm no Clinton fan but isn't it telling that Mr. Managing Editor of Business News at Fox went with this story instead of talking about Warren Buffett -- the businessman's businessman -- who was also in San Francisco today, helping Clinton raise $1 million? Wouldn't that story be more appropriate for an alleged "business news" show? We all know the answer of course. The "business news" line is nothing more than a foil for yet another Fox GOP propaganda show. Not only that, but given Cavuto's meme about how the economy will collapse and the Dow will dive if a Democrat is elected president, letting his viewers in on this dirty little secret about Buffett might be hard to spin. Then again, with the resources of RNC at his beck and call, I'm sure he could find a way.