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Fox Still After The Question Who Helps More? Bill Clinton or Oprah, What Are The Republicans Afraid Of?

Reported by Donna - December 11, 2007 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today he asked the question: when you're running for President who would you rather have supporting you - Bill Clinton or Oprah? Oprah may be able to fill 30,000 seats for Obama but it seems that's a long way from delivering votes.

The banner read: 'Battle Of The Endorsements: Whose Vote Affects Yours!

Smith reported that CBS ran a poll that said about 80% of the people said Oprah wouldn't help decide their vote.. On the other hand 44% would vote for Hillary Clinton because of Bill Clinton's endorsement.

They showed the Real Clear Politics.com poll with the national poll having Clinton at 42%, Obama at 25.5% and Edwards at 12.2%.

Smith spoke with Major Garrett and Smith said it seemed to him that 80% said their vote would not be affected by Obama, while 44% said that they would support Hillary because of Bill, but only 1% would affect the vote for Obama. Smith asked Garrett if this was suprising at all.

Garrett said not really, that Obama never made the case that Oprah was going to generate votes, that Oprah was going to generate crowds and it was up to the Obama campaign to harness those crowds and then use the power of these crowds and turn them out to caucus night Jan. 3 in Iowa, Jan. 8 in New Hampshire and later on in South Carolina. And he added that they were working on that now turning on those 66,000 cards at the four Obama/Oprah ralleys.

Smith asked if anyone has responded to this?

Garrett asked in what way?

Smith said that he was just wondering if the candidates were putting out their own spin out on this. He said we talked the other day - you may not get out to an Oprah/Obama event but you might hear something and when you hear something you don't know. (Comment, What?)

Garrett said Smith was right and the Obama campaign has always known that this could be a tinderbox and if they said we had this huge star who could catapult them into the presidency they would be diminishing the value of Obama who, they said, is the main star and main figure of, obviously their campaign. So they've always said, they like Oprah, she brings great crowds, she brings enthusiasm and they've always said, heh, we like crowds, we like enthusiasm, we like to do politics a little bit diferent than others might do it. Garrett continued that turning those attendees into voters comes Jan 3 and Jan 8.

Smith ended it by saying it sure will.

Comments: Well they're talking about the Democratic Primary but in a sneaky way, like they're trying to figure their strategy out. They still won't use a Democrat to give their opinion, a real Democrat, not one of their pseudo ones. Yes, I know that Fox is for the Republicans, Smith told us that yesterday. But please, oh please, take that fair and balanced crap out of there.

And what is all this sudden interest in Oprah? Frankly, I get the feeling that Fox and the Republican Partyk are afraid of both Oprah and President Clinton. Are they attempting a wedge between the two top candidates?

Their own party can't even decide on any strong front running candidates.

We report, you decide.