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Dick Morris Explains Hillary Clinton's Slip In The Polls: It's Hard To Pull Off 12 Months Of Artifice

Reported by Ellen - December 11, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes offered a “fair and balanced” segment of campaign analysis last night (12/10/07) with Dick Morris in which Sean Hannity and Morris attacked Hillary Clinton while guest host (and disgrace to Democrats) Kirsten Powers endeavored to make Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton look bad. And while the two hosts made a big show of asking tough questions to and about Mike Huckabee (interviewed earlier in the show), there was absolutely no scrutiny given to any other Republican. With audio.

As we’ve come to expect from Powers, she spent the entire show cozying up to conservatives and offering little to no advocacy on behalf of Democrats. In Part One of the two-part discussion with Morris (not included below), Powers asked Morris for “an overview” of his column explaining why Bill Clinton is a drag on Hillary Clinton’s presidency. She pretended to be “just asking” but anyone with even the slightest familiarity with Morris would know that she was simply giving him a convenient platform from which to denigrate the Clinton campaign.

In Part 2 (audio below) Powers directly degraded Oprah and Obama.

Powers' scripted introduction revealed the disdain FOX News producers wanted to impart about Oprah's weekend rally for Obama. Powers read the question, “So will Oprah’s rabid fan base translate into votes for the Illinois senator?”

Just to make sure the viewers didn’t think so, Powers immediately cited a New York Times/CBS poll showing that only 1% would be more likely to vote for Obama because of Oprah’s endorsement. Funny how Powers never brought up that the same poll also showed that none of the Republican candidates are viewed favorably by even half the Republican electorate.

Morris dismissed the Oprah/Obama statistic by saying that it’s like asking if advertising is effective. “Everybody says no but they still keep buying the stuff because it works.” He went on to say that Oprah’s endorsement “was very effective” because she’s iconic. He offered what seemed like another of his dubious theories, that Oprah’s endorsement gave women “permission” not to vote for Hillary.

Morris further claimed that Winfrey’s endorsement said to African Americans, “You need to vote for Obama because his advancement will mean something in your own personal battle with racial prejudice and with the glass ceiling.”

That’s a rather insulting thing to say about women and African Americans, that they’d need permission not to vote for a woman, and that Oprah would convince them to “vote black,” particularly since she didn’t say any such thing in her speech.

But Powers either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Instead, she seemed more interested in being on the same page as the FOX News producers as she tried to make the fans look like crackpots. “The question is, you see these huge crowds turning out and I kind of look at it and I think, wouldn’t they just go there anyway, just to see Oprah? I mean, do we know if these are necessarily Obama voters or just Oprah fans? …I guess what I’m getting at is how reliable are these voters? Is there a comparison to the Howard Dean situation… with these voters that seem to flock to these inspirational candidates and then they turn out to not necessarily be the most reliable voters?”

Morris claimed that Clinton would get “creamed” in Iowa which would “destroy her dwindling prospects in New Hampshire” and that Americans will “rally for Obama in South Carolina” and defeat her. But, according to Morris, by the time the Florida primary rolls around, Democrats will have second thoughts about voting for someone “we’ve never heard of” and then nominate Hillary. He called Obama “God’s gift to Hillary.”

Morris had just smeared Democrats again by saying, in effect, that they were going to nominate a candidate they didn't really want. This was in direct contradiction to the New York Times/CBS poll that Powers had just cited but once again, she let the smear go by without objection.

Then it was Hannity’s turn and Morris took the Hillary hate even further, “You know, it’s very hard for anybody to be a front runner for a year and take that kind of scrutiny," Morris said. "And it’s particularly hard when you know, for a dead certainty, that if the American people knew what you were really like, and what you are really for, they’d never vote for you. So you need 12 months of artifice and she hasn’t been able to pull it off.”

Hannity played the Andrew Young clip saying that “Bill (Clinton) is every bit as black as Barack. He’s probably gone with more black women than Barack.” Just as on FOX & Friends, the part where Young said he was kidding was left off.

Unfortunately, my satellite television went out in a snowstorm so I only have audio of the segment.