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The O'Prah Factor

Reported by Chrish - December 10, 2007 -

Rather than inform viewers about Barack Obama's views, positions, and ideas, FOX Friends focused solely on Oprah Winfrey's appearances with the candidate this weekend , and in the interest in being fair and balanced, introduced video from September of Andrew Young, a black man who is supporting Hillary Clinton, and just happened to plant the seeds of a new media diversion.
With video.

Gretchen Carlson quoted Winfrey: "Obama has an ear for eloquence, and tongue for unvarnished truth," and added that whether one agrees with what he says is, of course, a matter of their politics. Kilmeade agrees that he "can deliver a speech; he's got a presence." And then he introduced a clip from.... Oprah. She spoke of "those who say it's not his time, that he should 'wait his turn'" and asked the audience to think about where they'd be if they'd waited when people told them to.

They speculated if Oprah can supercede Bill's star power and cited some polls, then brought on a clip of activist Andrew Young (a former politician and Ambassador to the UN).

Young's comments (from September, recall; obviously they've been waiting for the right moment to use this "counter" argument) appeared over the banner

"Obama "too young"?
Activist Casts Doubt"
"Activist weighs in -
Barack should be pres in 2016"
to counter Winfrey's remarks. His soundbite included calling Bill Clinton every bit as black as Obama and who has probably gone with more black women than Barack. (Doocy read the remarks, adding that young said "I'm kidding" but that was edited out of the video clip.)

Carlson found that "profound" (I'm not kidding) and racist, in a big way, and wondered if this will start to get more press.

Let's see, a faux controversey between the two leading Democratic candidates, involving sex and race. The right-wing noise machine is hitting overdrive right about now.