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FOX Friends denigrate Al Gore in real time, as he is awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Reported by Chrish - December 10, 2007 -

AS the former Vice-president (and 2000 popular-vote winner) received the Nobel Peace Prize, the classless clowns at FOX and Friends read a litany of complaints and insults about him. It was a shameful moment for Americans, who are by and large proud of and grateful to Al Gore for his tireless campaigning on the planet's behalf. The only conceivable reason to besmirch him at this moment would be political.

Brian Kilmeade reported that an event in London that featured Gore "left a bad taste" in people's mouths "because of his huge fee, his 'sub-par' speech, and his lack of access to the media and to those attending." Steve Doocy continued to detail that his fee broke down to $6700/minute and "a number of" people in the audience appeared 'bored' and were talking, and trans-Atlantic mindreaderDoocy even told us that they were thinking "this is it? This is supposed to be fantastic, uh, he's just not winning me over!" Gretchen Carlson added her two cents, saying "ya gotta wonder" if he's going to "change up the speech a little bit, because some of these people are saying that it's the same speech that he gives for this amount of money."

The she announced a live picture of "somebody else" recieiving a Nobel, and Doocy interjected "That's Al Gore!" "Oh!"

The feed's sound came on and there was long applause and a standing ovation for Gore, and after the camera showed his wife Tipper in the audience, Kilmeade wondered if Gore was going to bring her up and kiss her. Doocy mentioned that although it should be extremely cold in Oslo this time of year, today it is warm and balmy.

Kilmeade added that a lot of people, including Robert Redford, are criticizing Gore for making these speeches and accepting the large fees, and Doocy reminded him Gore is a private citizen and can make as much as he wants. (Redford's criticism is that Gore is apparently choosing to remain a private citizen rather than running for President again, where Redford - and many others - think he can affect the most good.) Carlson closed the segment by wondering how Gore got to Oslo, oh-so-subtly reminding viewers that Gore sometimes flies - in airplanes - that use fuel - so he's a hypocrite.

Not noted. from that same Daily Mail article, were these details:

"Mr Gore donates a percentage of all of his speaking fees to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

"With regards to the media arrangements, some of Mr Gore's events are open to the media, some of them are not. As you know, he has many open events coming up, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Unfortunately, this event had more limited availability. I do apologise for that. He does do his best to speak to reporters as often as possible."

It is sickening to watch these partisan hacks demean a man who has done so much to raise awareness of this looming crisis.

Later, as Al Gore was giving his acceptance speech, FOX carried it live for about two minutes, cutting him off as he began to call out world leaders who do not heed the threat. Hmm, why would FOX do that? Here's the acceptance speech, as much as we were allowed to hear:

Gore was cut off as he quoted Churchhill:

"They go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all powerful to be impotent."

More excerpts are available here.