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FOX and Friends continues misrepresenting NBC ad decision

Reported by Chrish - December 10, 2007 -

NBC last week rejected an ad from Freedom's Watch, a right-wing organization that recently popped up to place ads and otherwise lobby to further the neo-con agenda. The ad ostensibly merely lauds and thanks US troops serving overseas but directs viewers to the organization's website at the end.

The AP reported 12/7/07 that

"NBC said it declined the ad, not because of its message, but because it invites viewers to go to Freedom's Watch's Web site, which advocates support for the war. NBC has a policy against airing controversial issue ads."

The banners during the segment all had "NBC flip flops" in large bold, with the sub-title changing from "Now decides to support the troops" (1.5 minutes) to "First rejected 'Thank You' ad" (25 seconds) to "Will now air Freedom Watch ad."(13 seconds) The first ran longest; note that they finally got to the truth of the matter at the end, which ran for the shortest length of time.

Comment: I know for a fact that NBC airs spots during its evening news broadcasts of troops wishing Happy Holidays to folks at home, and vice-versa.

This whole episode was yet another smear from FOX to NBC, trying to demonize them as anti-troop and anti-Bush, and provided a lot of free advertising for the FW website. Read the background on the organization and the donors behind it and you will see they are part and parcel with the whole right-wing war-media machine.