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Senator Joe Biden O'Reilly's Special Diversionary Enemy of the Week

Reported by Deborah - December 9, 2007 -

Every week somebody gets the job as Bill O'Reilly's special diversionary enemy to keep viewers from actually focusing on the real situation especially if the reality makes Republicans look bad. This week Senator Joe Biden was BOR's choice to keep the folks from wondering about the NIE and just how long the president knew about it. 12/9/07

O'Reilly started the Biden attack on Tuesday 12/4 during his Talking Points with this statement.

"Far-left people in America love the fact that U.S. intelligence has contradicted the president on Iran. And even though the president says he learned about the new intel only last week, Senator Joseph Biden immediately called the president a liar, claiming he 'misrepresented intelligence.' "

On Wednesday, 12/5, Dana Perino came on assure viewers that Bush didn't know anything about the NIE until last week. O'Reilly asked her " to go on the record" that Bush didn't lie apparently assuming that Perino's word would squelch any doubt.As always , O'Reilly claimed Senator Biden didn't have the courage to come on to defend his position. Then he prodded Perino to comment on Biden and she was well prepared saying.

"It does make me angry, especially because Senator Biden is a presidential candidate. Anybody who wants to be in the Oval Office should digest the information we just got. We just found out that Iran has a covert nuclear weapon program - it proved that we were right, and international pressure is caused them to halt it."

This was the second appearance on The Factor this week for Perino who was showcased on Monday for her nasty scolding of Helen Thomas for asking a perfectly relevant question. O'Reilly praised Perino and called Thomas a pinhead. Raw Story covers it here.

On the same night, 12/5, Biden made "Pinhead" status in the daily segment where BOR decides who is a patriot or a pinhead.

On Friday, 12/7, Biden got another mention during O'Reilly's commentary about the destruction of the interrogation tapes by the CIA. O'Reilly injected Biden after mentioning people against America saying,

"When Joe Biden implied the President was lying over the Iran nuke situation, it was big news in Tehran. Are you happy Senator. Are You? You can expect to see every far left nut downright gleeful that two interrogation tapes were destroyed."

comment: Biden's job as BOR's diversionary enemy will probably continue for a few days next week after the statement he made today. However, even if someone new gets the job this week, we can expect to see Tonya Reiman analyze his body language and Dennis Miller insult him.

Thank you, Senator Biden for being a patriot. Your courage is appreciated.