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FOX News' Schizoid Iraqi War News: First It's Good, Then It's Bad

Reported by Marie Therese - December 9, 2007 -

FOX News seems somewhat at loose ends now when it comes to Iraq. On December 5th, Jennifer Griffin filed a glowing report of the success of the surge. Yet the very next day Brit Hume reported that even though the "surge" has worked in Baghdad (something many of us still doubt is actually the whole truth), violence is still an issue in northern Iraq. Hume warned that Al Qaeda in Iraq is still a force to be reckoned with. Apparently, the administration's personal news channel is hedging its bets, just in case the much-vaunted success of the surge collapses faster than a house of cards. Video below the fold.

It is important to remember that the northern area of Iraq is Kurdish territory. For the longest time, FOX News has been praising the Kurds as a model of how to maintain peace and prosperity. However, despite this, the U. S. did not support the Kurdish rebels in their recent skirmish with Turkey. Now, suddenly, there is an increase in violence in the safe and secure north. According to Hume - drum roll, please - MORE TROOPS are needed!!

I am reminded of the time in 1991 after the Gulf War when Bush the First encouraged the southern Shi'ites to rebel, with the promise hat the United States would support them. They took up arms against Saddam, we never showed up and they were slaughtered.

Have the Kurds learned the same bitter lesson from Bush the Lesser and are they spoiling for a fight against us?