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In Discussion About An Allegedly Staged Fight, FOX News Didn’t Reveal That Guest Curtis Sliwa Had Fabricated Attacks Against Himself

Reported by Ellen - December 7, 2007 -

The loud-mouthed, self-aggrandizing Curtis Sliwa was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/6/07), this time to offer his “insights” into whether or not a filmed fight on a New York City subway was genuine or had been staged. But viewers were never told that Sliwa admitted to lying about six episodes of his own derring-do in order to generate publicity for himself. With video.

In its 12/14/92 issue, People published an article called, Tarnished Angel: halo askew, Guardian Angel leader Curtis Sliwa admits he lied for publicity (available via subscription). The article begins:

It was the sort of thing that seemed to happen a lot to Curtis Sliwa, the headline-grabbing leader of New York City's red-bereted Guardian Angels. As he told the story 12 years ago, he was patrolling a subway station late one night with his band of volunteer peacekeepers. Three men approached, detectives with the New York City Transit Police. They said a Guardian Angel working in another subway station had been seriously hurt and rushed to a hospital. Sliwa said he had gone with the men -- but they didn't take him to the hospital. Instead, he said, they drove him to a beach 40 miles away and dumped him with a warning: If the Guardian Angels didn't quit patrolling the subways, they would kill him.

The incident was front-page news in New York City in October 1980. The only problem, says Sliwa, 38, is that the story was a lie. There was no injured Angel, no detectives, no kidnapping, no death threat. He made everything up, he admits, simply to get publicity for the Guardian Angels, a quasi-military civilian security force he formed in 1979 to patrol the city's streets and subways. "Everyone was against us," he says. "The Mayor, the cops, even the public. We just needed some good attention."

Later, the article states,

Faked stories about the Guardian Angels have been an issue since the group began. In October 1983, four former Angels accused Sliwa of dreaming up several incidents, including a sniper attack in a housing project and an assault on Lisa (his then wife) in the group's headquarters. Sliwa denies he made up any of those stories, insisting he limited his imagination solely to six escapades in 1979 and 1980.

That seems like highly relevant information about Sliwa’s background for a discussion about a phony fight on the subway. But nothing of the sort was revealed to the “We report, you decide” network’s viewers. Sliwa even bragged he had the authority to judge the video authentic because he had been attacked so often.