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Geraldo having fun in Afghanistan

Reported by Chrish - December 7, 2007 -

Yesterday 12/6 it was an impromptu snowball fight high in the Hindukush mountain range. Today Geraldo flew kites with a mob of Afghani children, notably all boys, on a hillside in Kabul, bannered "the real life kite runners."

We're "winning hearts and minds" rebuilding tunnels (we destroyed in 2001...you're welcome, KBR etc) and constructing orphanages and there's no plainer sign of freedom than boys flying kites over Kabul, which had been outlawed under the Taliban. Never mind there are rarely any girls seen; never mind the boys who star in the upcoming movie "The Kite Runner" had to be spirited away for their own safety. Things are looking up, up, up in Afghanistan, per FOX, and Bush knows what he's doing.

According to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count this sixth year has been the deadliest yet since the US retaliatory strikes in 2001. Murdoch's The Australian reports that

"The conflict in Afghanistan has reached 'crisis proportions', with the resurgent Taliban present in more than half the country and closing in on Kabul.

If NATO, the lead force operating in Afghanistan, is to have any effect on the insurgency, troop numbers will have to be doubled to at least 80,000, a new report says.

“The Taliban has shown itself to be a truly resurgent force,” the Senlis Council, an independent think-tank with a permanent presence in Afghanistan, wrote in its study Stumbling into Chaos: Afghanistan on the Brink."

But the New York Times reports that US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has rejected a proposal from Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James T. Conway to redeploy Marines from Iraq to Afghanistan because the former is still too volatile (all Happy Iraq reports to the contrary) for that shift.

Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, predicts the US will remain in Afghanistan for decades.

It's all well and good to report the good news along with the bad, but on FOX reporting bad news, also known as reality, is conflated with 'supporting the terrorists' or 'undermining the troops' and other disparagement. All they feed their viewers is the upbeat, sanitized cheerleading that puts this dismal administration in a good light. If all one watches is FOX, you'd get the impression "we're winning" and kids are playing, people are shopping, the economy is humming - so far from the truth.